Jawbone UP Review

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I purchased the Jawbone UP wristband and promised a review. Well… here it is!!!
I tried to include as much information in the video as possible but I realized really quickly that it would take probably an hour to really get into everything. There are so many features.
Review of Jawbone UP
Here are some close up screen shots of what the app looks like. I know it was kind of hard to see what was going on during the video. While it seems like the actual bracelet is the most important, it’s the app that really makes the product worthwhile! The bracelet does a great job tracking everything, but being able to visualize the metrics is the most important part.
This would be an example of a bad night. Not even four hours of sleep!! Eep! But see, this is why I need the app… it totally makes me hold myself accountable for my (lack of) sleep.

This is the Levo League Jawbone brigade!!! 

Maxie and I decided to check in at her surprise bowling birthday party. Too funny!!
Look! See- there’s Leslie giving me some encouragement! Yay for teammates!!! 
Okay, leave any questions you have for me and I’ll try to answer them as best that I can 🙂
Do you have/want one?

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Jen Yss

I had been looking at these for a while and finally decided to splurge and get one! I absolutely LOVE it! I got the black also. It is so helpful as a little reminder to eat and get up throughout the day at work. I absolutely love that it tracks my sleep patterns too.


I'm going to look into one! I've been wanting an activity/calorie counter and that looks like a great sized one!


Wow, it really tells you (accurately) how long it took you to fall asleep? I would love to see what my sleep actually looks like!


I want one of these sooooo bad! I would also love to see what my sleep looks like, and just try to be healthier in general. I know I don't move as much as I should, so reminders to get up and move a little would be helpful!


Love the Jawbone | Up. I got mine in the mail around the time you purchased yours. I am terrible at remembering to wear it, and then this morning, it was clearly out of batteries, and what did I do? Totally walked out the door without the charger. Ugh.

Question for you though. I swear that mine mistakes knitting for walking. I literally knit my way through a doctorate class (as always), didn't walk a step, and then suddenly had walked quite a distance longer then before class.

Literally knit/walked 6,000 "steps" through class?!

Might have to return/exchange if it really is mistaking knitting for walking. Ha.

Just curious if you had the same issue?


I've wanted one since I they first came out, about a year ago. But I heard of them constantly crapping out on people, so I held off on the $130 investment. Now I hear they're redesigned and better physically/with better hardware.
I had a Fitbit for a while, but I accidentally left it on my pants and washed it! I think a Jawbone might be better, since it's on my wrist.

Maybe with my tax refund! 🙂

carelessly graceful


I've wanted it since you first mentioned it! I've been leaving serious hints about it with my mom so hopefully I'll get it for Valentines Day!

xx Emily @


I desperately want one of these. I am like you in that I forget to take care of my body in terms of being active and sleeping enough, so I think that this may help me become more aware of what I am doing on a daily basis. The $130 price tag is high, but I am going to absolutely make this my next splurge!

Katie Miller

Thank you so much for the great review! I've been thinking about getting this product for a while because I think it would be so useful. However since its a little pricy I was somewhat skeptic but your review might be just enough to push me over the edge. Also I love your videos, they're great!


Hannah B.

I was actually planning on getting one today so I was super stoked to see your review! Thanks for posting it! Watching your video is exponentially more awesome than reading the manual 😉


I was skeptical about purchasing one, especially after seeing the price – but now I'm sold! I also think you should do a Russell and Hazel planner review video! I've been thinking about buying one, but I would love to see what they actually look like instead of pictures!

Pink Champagne Problems


Hello I've had one for a week now and I haven't started using the food/calorie counter yet; I have used the Myfitnesspal app to count calories but does this offer the same features…? Where I can plug in my calories goals (1200 a day) and see if I am exceeding this or not…I would love to use one system and not have to go back and forth..thanks if you can help!

I love the jawbone up so far…it has been great to track my sleep!


I really want this!! I think it would definitely help me in many ways! I just have one question though… how loud does it buzz when you've been sitting down too long? because i don't want to have the entire class stare at me if it buzzes really loud


It's so not that loud. Quieter than a phone for sure. (Actually, it is loud if your wrist is against something like a laptop, but it's not that bad even then.)

Emma {hello from hartfield}

I've wanted to get one ever since you first mentioned it, but it's a little bit too pricey. Would you say that it's worth the money? It definitely looks awesome and I also need to sleep more so that function would be so helpful. Thanks for the great review and explanation! 🙂


I think I need this. If anything, it'll help me figure out why I'm so tired after 8 hours of sleep. I'm really interested to see how many times I wake up in the night and how many hours of good sleep I actually get! Thanks for sharing 🙂


Thank you College Prepster for such a complete review. Great video. I've been holding out for the Fitbit Flex when it comes out in the Spring, but this seems far superior in the sleep dept, inactivity alarm, iPhone app & alarm.

Did you consider the Fitbit at all because of its altimeter (especially good for hills & steps) & its compatibility with My Fitness Pal?
My questions: will it track non-step activity like a spinning, zumbo, or weight-lifting class? Or can you enter that online? Can you enter stuff on your mac instead of an iPhone?
Have you been able yet to put the sleep info to use to improve your sleep? Sorry for all the questions.

Julia D.

I'm halfway between thinking it is REALLY cool to have everything tracked in one place, and thinking it is REALLY creepy that this little device can know so much about you. Nonetheless, it looks interesting.

Natalia Toronchuk

Thanks for the review! These seem really cool. I'm a bit worried they look a little too sporty or something. That's not really my style. But the features are so awesome it might be worth it.

I'm wondering if you have to have an iphone or ipad to use the apps… can you just use your mac computer to do all the same stuff? Or do you have to have the iphone app? I know the android app is coming soon, but I'd rather get it right away 😛