Cute Little Ballet Flats

Personally, I’ve been wearing boots, like, every single boot I own pretty much every single day. Bean boots when it’s snowing. Rain boots when it’s raining. Ankle boots when I’m feeling a little bit braver than normal. Riding boots when I’m, well, lazy. And I’ve been wearing socks all the time. (I seriously wear two pairs of socks when I’m in my apartment. One regular pair and one super thick pair!!)
But I’m dreaming of warmer days.
For the bare legs, short sleeves, and (of course) the ballet flats.
I wear them all too often. It even gets to the point where I have ballet flat tan lines. Alas, my feet are the consistent shade of super pale. I’m not desperate enough to risk frostbite, but that won’t stop me from dreaming! It doesn’t really help (hurt?) that all of my favorite stores have started stocking the shelves with pretty little flats.
My favorites rounded up:
J. Crew ballet flats are the best. They’re not the cheapest, but they are amazing and hold up the absolute best. I order a half size larger (most of the time) and it takes a few wears for them to truly break in. But once you soften them up, they are golden. Seriously, seriously golden. Mine have taken an absolute beating between cobblestone streets in Georgetown, unexpected thunderstorms in Tampa, and miles (and miles) of walking in New York City.
The cap toe flats right now completely have my attention. The colors are simply charming. The “saltwater grey” flats are perfect for Georgetown (blue + grey!!!). And the yellow, pink, and orange will transition perfectly from spring to summer. 
The printed striped flats are so super cute. I can totally see myself wearing them with white jeans and a simple navy tunic. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Just looking at these flats makes me want to pack my bags and travel to someplace by the sea.
Oh! And also, I have always loved the Liberty London florals. The dainty little floral print makes a dainty little ballet flat even more dainty. Perfection. Please and thank you.
The cap toe, stripes, and floral prints are pretty, but you really also can’t go wrong with a classic leather flat. I think I need the nude flats. Perfect for those dresses that hardly go with anything. Just simple.
What brand/style of ballet flats are your go-to pairs?

PS these aren’t quite ballet flats, but they’re pretty amazing…. right?

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Ugh! Love these! Due to a back injury, flats are pretty much the only thing I can wear. But I refuse to let that affect my fashion! These are adorable! I'm inspired to go flat shopping now!


I get so excited when its not snowing or raining during winter here in Michigan because I will wear my flats with tights on.I like going to Marshall's to get flats, especially getting designer flats on sale.


Those flats are so beautiful! If it's not cold or raining in Georgia, I put on my old American Eagle flats but for Christmas I just got some sparkly flats and I would wear them if it's not cold outside but maybe in the Spring/Summer I'll wear them.


It's getting warm in Memphis, which is amazing to me! Today it'll be around 68 so I wore heels without tights or anything. Tomorrow I'll be wearing flats because it'll be about 71. I love getting designer flats from Marshalls or TJ Maxx, because I know I got a great deal and they'll hold up for a while!

carelessly graceful


i love jcrew flats! 🙂 i have a few on my list right now. i love the navy and pink cap toe, the gold glitter and the tan leather ones. i have a stripe pair, and a polka dot pair. are there any other shoes you recommend for walking a lot?

Claire Peucker

I love love love ballet flats! And these are really cute 🙂 My usual go to store for shoes is an Australian brand called Country Road. They usually have at least one pair that I love.

Hannah Elizabeth

For some reason, and only recently (within past 6 months), JCrew ballets don't cover the entire length of my toes! How strange! And disappointing… Anybody know if they've changed the measurements?? Right now I can't get enough of Vera Wang Lavender flat though!