Senior Parents Weekend

…according to my iPhone
It was Senior Parents’ weekend and I was so excited for my whole family to come up to DC!  (Even Sporty Sister made the journey.)
Thankfully, the weather was beautiful (only an hour or two of rain) and it was chilly, but not freezing.  We ate lots of food, did a lot of shopping, and way too much laughing.
(But seriously, the whole weekend was essentially an ab workout from all the laughing.)
On Friday night we went out to dinner with California Funk, his mom, Fordham Prepster, and Bermie Boy plus his parents.  The food was amazing, but I enjoyed the company a lot more.  I love how we’ve been friends since freshman year and still love each other!
(This is from freshman year spring break training… California Funk and Fordham Prepster look disgusting because they had to use a whole bottle of self-tanner…)
All grown up!  (But really, not much has changed!)

Sporty Sister is younger… I promise 🙂

The Senior Auction was…. interesting.  It was really crowded and quite loud, but once CF got in a better mood (….haha) it was much more fun.

Georgetown Boy!!!

A puppy was auctioned off…. oh my goodness, she was the cutest little thing in the world.  So much love.

How precious?

Soccer Mom, Sporty Sister, and me at our table.

Kind of obsessed with SS’s dress.

Apparently, lace dresses are definitely in.  Soccer Mom, Matt’s Mom, and I all wore lace dresses… and so did about half of the other women! 
We escaped the auction and ended up across the street for burgers.  You should have heard the six of us hysterically laughing.  Out of control fits of laughter.  (And lots of teasing all around.)


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I love your lace dress! It's from anthropologie, right?
I've always wanted that one! So jel 🙂
You look so cute though!