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So much travel, so little time. Kate Spade has it right, this is the year of travel for sure. While I’d love to visit more countries this year, I’ve been doing a lot of “easy,” but still fun travel! I’ve already been to Buffalo and Rhode Island in the past couple of weeks, but I have another trip to Rhode Island planned this weekend (!) and a trip to Dallas at the end of the month. Phew! Exhausted just thinking about it. (Kate White totally captured my thoughts on travel… “Though I love being there… I hate getting there.”)
With all these trips going on, I’ve been packing and unpacking what feels like every other day. Weekenders are the perfect sized bags for quick trips, like the ones I’ve been going on. Just a pair of shoes (okay, three), pajamas, cosmetics, and two or three outfit changes! Throw and go!
Anyone else have fun trips coming up?


PS Rhode Island and Dallas girls… let me know your favorite spots!!! Can’t wait to visit!

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You're probably not going to bring Teddy with you but I think Mutt's Cantina is worth checking out! It's in the West Village area- so many cute dogs! It's a restaurant that's built around dogs! Check out the Rustic that's next to it! If you're going to brunch definitely try Breadwinners (my favorite is the Napoleon French Toast), Toulouse, Wild About Harry's (frozen Custard) & the Highland Park Pharmacy. Enjoy your trip & safe travels!

Brittany Deisher

Check out the Klyde Warren Park area; neat outdoor area with lots of fun things to do! Also in the Highland Park area, eat at Celebrity Bakery or Highland Park Pharmacy!


Have fun in Dallas! I'm moving there at the beginning of June so idk anywhere to go yet. The Perot Museum is pretty cool, and is gonna be the first place I go (although maybe that's just because I'm an architecture major) 🙂

Ana T. Garcia

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Gillian Farber

I want one of each bag you featured – they're all so great! I just got the Monogrammed Sunshine Satchel for my birthday and I'm dying to go on a weekend get-a-way with it!


I just got back from visiting my sister in Newport! So fun! There are so many great places to eat, but Wharf Pub was definitely my favorite… the serve truffle tots!

Egg & Dart was such a cute little shop in the same area. I wish I could have taken the whole store home with me! Enjoy your trips!

Kim Topolewski

I love traveling. I love being in a new/different place and I love the act of getting there – the packing, TSA, flying, etc. I know, I'm a bit weird. 🙂
I'm headed out to California (SFO & LAX) for a week in June and I'm so excited. Dallas is the farthest west I've ever been – I've been to Europe and up and down the East Coast, but not West!

carelessly graceful

Amy @ Southern, Classy, and [a LOT] Sassy

Ooooo Carly, you always get me in trouble with your amazing shopping finds! I love being places, too, but hate getting there, especially when it entails a (I hate to even say the word…) layover! UGH. I'm flying up to Burlington, VT in June and have to go through Washington and dread the switching places part!

I love my Vera Bradley weekender, that thing holds SO much!



If you are a wine drinker, there's a great place in the Lakewood area of Dallas called Times Ten. It is delightful. And for the best pizza on this planet, there is Olivella's, one near the SMU main campus at Hillcrest and McFarlin, one on Mockingbird and Abrams, and one in Victory Park (it's called Neo).

Brinkley Field

You must go to the Knox Henderson area and go to Chuy's and get some delicious Mexican food. The atmosphere is fantastic! And right down the street is Harry's Frozen Custard and Highland Park Pharmacy! It's the best. And for brunch one day, go to Cafe Brazil or Breadwinners! And of course you can't miss going to Northpark for some shopping! xx



Dallas is the best! As a student at SMU I absolutely love it here.
Some of my favorite places are:

Breadwinners at Knox-Henderson:
Such a young fun atmosphere and a MUST for bunch. It is just that good! Don't go to the Northpark location the atmosphere is totally different. Try to sit outside if it's a beautiful day!

Lounge 31 and Bistro 31:
There is such great food and shopping at the high end Highland Park Village! It would be a great backdrop for a photo shoot and the French Mojitoes at Lounge 31 are my fave.

Where do I start? This place is proof good things come in small packages! It is the tiniest Italian restaurant ever but arguably some of the most authentic Italian food I have ever had! The wine list is fantastic, the bruchetta is on point and their dessert pizza is to die for! I try to go as often as I can (basically every week and a half) since it is so close to SMU. (it's even where we are going for date night tonight!)

Enjoy your trip!


Little Katana is a great little sushi place. I really like the atmosphere and I've always had great food and great service.

Check out Crooked Tree Coffeehouse! It's literally built in a house, so it's very cozy and yes, you feel right at home.

Klyde Warren Park is very cool too. Plenty of food trucks and things to see. It's across from the Museum of Fine Arts & the Nasher Sculpture Center (which makes for great photos).




I’ve been making frequent trips to New York City on weekends.  I find that packing for an overnight visit is quite a challenging task.  For starters, even if you went on a week vacation (vs. only one day) there is a certain “fixed” amount of things you have to bring with you… namely toiletries, which take up not an insignificant amount of room.
I have gotten fairly good at packing only the necessities.  I also do a good job of bringing only the homework I will realistically get done.  One time I lugged around a heavy textbook and I never cracked it open.  Now, I load my iPad with all the PDF readings I might need and generally leave everything else behind.
Is packing considered a form of art?  I think it should be!
Of course, suitcases are definitely the easiest things to use while traveling, but they only make sense when you’re gone for a while and/or need to actually bring a lot of stuff.  Bulky duffel bags seems like a good idea, but they always end up being to heavy.  (If I have the room, I will pack more stuff than I need.)
The next best thing for quick and easy trips?  Weekenders!!!
My large Longchamp is my go-to weekender bag.  It zips shut, fits the necessities, and is easily thrown over the shoulder.  It’s surprisingly durable and doesn’t show dirt… so I’m a-okay throwing it on the floor/ground wherever I end up.

This Cross Continent Weekender from Anthropologie is super cute.  I like how you have the option to have the handles (for lighter loads) or the shoulder straps.  You could bring this on your trip, unpack in the hotel, and use during the day as a tote to carry around the city!  Two Birds, One Stone. #win

Obviously, I’m a sucker for plaid.  The reviews for this Urban Outfitter’s weekender describe how large it is and how much it can fit!  Definitely a good option for overnighters.

Even though it’s not as sophisticated, the Vera Bradley bags are always a classic for getaways.  I think just about every girl in my high school had a duffel for sleepovers!  I like this updated version.

If you need a little bit more room and want to go for a classic/retro look, try this duffel from L.L. Bean Signature.  It comes in a few colors, but I’m fan of the red!

This brown leather Madewell tote is also a great travel companion.  While it may not be big enough to carry all of your things, I recommend carrying it as a second bag.  You can bring the extra homework or that pair of shoes you think you might want to wear.
Safe Travels!

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This is so helpful!! I just booked a trip to Chicago and don't want to pay extra to bring more than one personal item on board, so I've been looking for a really roomy bag so I don't need a purse AND a carry-on. The Anthropologie one looks perfect!


I have the plaid Urban Outfitters one and it's on sale for $39! Stop by the Georgetown location to see if there are any left 🙂

Samantha Elisabeth

Haha I never heard of weekenders until I started working at Michael Kors! Some of the handbags had "weekender versions" that were bigger versions (and slightly different styles). Too bad my weekends are spent at the pool so I have no need for a weekender just yet!