Pinch Me!

Today was possibly the most beautiful day in NYC since I’ve moved here. Simply perfect. Naturally, it was also the most NYC kind of day a girl could ask for. Cabs. Meetings. Phone Calls. Time Warner not working. Puppy walks. Lots of friends. Spontaneous lunch dates.
Can someone say, “pinch me?” Actually, I’ve been having to collect “pinch me” moments, and I just keep finding myself getting excited all over again.
I don’t think NYC is an easy place to love. The winters. The grime. The traffic. The rats. The hustle and the competition. The noise. It can really be quite claustrophobic.
But it was warm today. Warm. And sunny. Everybody was out and the city seemed new and, dare I say it, fresh. The hustle was there, but the feeling of opportunity was stronger. I haven’t been the nicest to NYC, but today… I want to say, “New York… I love you.”
Oh, did I mention that I was half a block away from Taylor Swift? I nearly squealed. Just kidding… I did squeal! 

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Lauren Rose

I love your outfit! And that's so cool that you were so close to Taylor Swift – I'm jealous! I got to meet her at one of her concerts and she is the nicest person ever!!


Love your outfit, and I'm glad you seem to be doing AMAZING! The title of this post is so cute– I hope to come across many "pinch me" moments of my own in the near future, nay, now!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


Wow I was going to comment to say that I love your outfit and I see everyone already told you ^^

Love your blog!