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Mother’s Day Gifts

Somehow we’re a week out from Mother’s Day and I’m clearly behind. (In my defense, April seemed to fly by, right? I’m in disbelief that it’s already May!)

Rounding up a few things that I think would make perfect Mother’s Day gifts:

Mother's Day Gifts

Slip Silk Eye Mask // White Tea Vanilla Orchid Perfume // Ceramic Canister 

Blue Pajamas // Jewelry Case

Personalized Journal // Printed Scarf

Gardening Apron // Birdies Slippers // Bath Oil

Lightweight Scarf // Smeg Electric Kettle 

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I’m an avid reader, but just some quick feedback. I think it’s really important that bloggers and influencers acknowledge that mother’s day is very complicated for a lot of people. For kids whose moms have died, for mothers whose kids have died, for kids or adults that have never experienced a mother, etc. It’s a challenging day for so many, and I think people like you can help influence the narrative for your audience a little bit!