Diary No. 6

Bonjour ! Back with another Diary post today. One fun thing I’ve noticed about doing this every two weeks is that it makes me reflect on how much fun stuff happens. I, like everyone else, gets caught up in the mundane aspects of life. But going back and collecting positive moments from the past two weeks totally puts things in perspective. I don’t remember the worst moments of my days or the things that caused frustration, it’s the happy things (big and small) that stand out.

Grand Vin Brunch

I was in Hilton Head with Mike’s family two weeks ago and we all flew back to NJ bright and early. Once in the airport, everyone went their separate ways but Taylor and took a car back from the airport together. Halfway home and hungry, we decided to ditch our suitcases at our apartments and meet for an early brunch. Best decision. Grand Vin is consistently one of my favorite spots to go out to eat with girlfriends. I just love the whole vibe of the place (great food, nice and cozy atmosphere).

Blind Date with a Book

I had a meeting in Union Square and I arrived about 20 minutes early so I popped into the Barnes and Noble to kill a little bit of time. They had a bin of books wrapped with kraft paper and called them “blind dates with books.” I’ve heard of the concept online– one of my fave book bloggers The Modern Mrs. Darcy does it! But this was the first time I had seen it played out in person. I think it’s such a fun idea… but I don’t know that I could commit! What do you guys think?! Would you do one?

I posted this on my bookstagram and someone commented that they thought it meant being paired with someone who picked the same book to go on a date with… Not going to lie, I kind of loved that idea, especially as a way to make friends as an adult! Wouldn’t that be fun?

Hoboken Flowers

Can you believe these flowers? They seem too cute to be real!


I love when the dogs get groomed. We had to try a new place because their usual lady was completely booked up. They came back extra fluffy and extra soft. Usually, they hate the first few days after a new haircut and roll around on the carpet, but Ham was totally feeling himself this time around.

Tuckernuck Collection

I flew to Boston for Nicole’s bridal shower and had so much fun. I got in Friday afternoon and spent the rainy day in my hotel finishing up work. Nicole and I got pedicures and then went out for pizza (at Figs– delicious!) that night. I wasn’t sure how much one-on-one time we’d get, so it felt extra special to get an entire evening together before the festivities!

Just for a little background, Nicole and I have been best friends since we were four (aka twenty-five years of friendship which seems insane). My family moved next to hers in Hopkinton, MA and then we moved away again when I was eight. But we’ve remained best friends through the years and miles. I didn’t really stay in touch with anyone besides Nicole and her family (our parents are still extremely close and see each other more than any of the kids do), but I know a lot of Nicole’s friends from childhood. It’s been really fun to connect with a lot of the girls again through Nicole’s wedding.

I was kind of nervous for all the wedding festivities since I’m “that” friend that no one really knows, but I had nothing to worry about!

Boston Commons

Before the bridal shower, I had time to wander around and explore. It was sunny but windy and quite chilly. Aka, a typical spring day in Boston! I walked through the park and the tulips were fully in bloom. By the time I had walked through the entire thing, I felt like I needed to take a bath in Zyrtec. Worth it though.

I also popped into Tatte for breakfast. It gets super crowded so I made sure to get there early so I wouldn’t have to fight for a table.

Tatte Bakery


Maddie and I have been on a quest to try new places in Hoboken. It seems like every day there’s a new restaurant to try. We went to Seven Valleys, a new Persian restaurant, last week and had a great meal. It’s a small restaurant, but very delicious and super cute inside. And then we went to Alfalfa for salads. I did not get one of those doughnuts but I wanted one, ha. If you’re in Hoboken, this is also a great place to grab a cup of coffee to get some work done too.


Okay, so I’m well into the swing of things with BBG 3.0 and Ashley and I decided to (officially) add running into the mix. I’m not going to lie, I don’t love to run. We’re starting with a low bar… working at two miles for now and we’ll build up from there. Whenever I run, I just try to keep my pace under 10-minute miles. I’m not a runner but I’m competitive with myself and that seems like a good place to start? (But I don’t know, again… not. a. runner.)

I actually closed my eyes when I was getting started on the treadmill and kept clicking the speed button up until I felt like I was running at a pace that just slightly pushed myself faster than what was comfortable. It was definitely faster than what I would have programmed had I been looking and I was drenched by the end but it did feel really good, too.

Peonies Whole Foods

Peony season is here!!! The bodegas in Hoboken have all had peonies outside, but I found the Mecca of peonies at Whole Foods in the suburbs. I mean, look at that lot of them. So gorgeous.

Monogrammed Key Chain

I bought a new keychain. I had been looking for a simple leather one that I could add a monogram to, but they all seemed to have tassels. I spotted these on The Daily Edited’s website (where I am now finding all of my favorite monogrammed items), but wanted to see it in person before I committed. I happened to be in the West Village and popped into the store and the keychain was exactly what I was looking for. They offer all kinds of personalization (including emojis and your own handwriting for an added fee) but I did simple lower case letters.

Hoboken Brownstone

Topiary goals right here!!! Bravo to this house for nailing a simple and gorgeous stoop. Also peep the pup in the window. He was following Teddy and Ham down the sidewalk.

Sezane Dress

This is that Sezane dress I was mentioned in yesterday’s post. I love it. If blue stripes aren’t your thing, it also comes in a floral print and embroidered flowers on white.


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Audrey | Book Book Chick

I almost never buy new books (I’m all for used bookstores!) but I could totally see myself doing the blind date with a book! In general, I try to minimise my material possessions and instead spend money on experiences, and I like this blind book date would be a wonderful, unique experience—mysterious, exciting, intimate 🙂 I also like the idea of getting paired with a friend who chooses the same book haha -Audrey | Book Book Chick

Azura for theflairsophy

I absolutely adore your ‘Diary’ posts, as you said, it’s a good way to reflect on the past and to use up all those photos that we snapped! BTW, did I miss ‘Diary 6’?! x

Sarah R

If you want to add in cardio to BBG without running (fellow non-runner here!), cycling/spin could be really fun!! I just started it thinking that I absolutely hated anything involving too much cardio and having tried (and failed) to make myself into a runner in the past, and I LOVE it! I also really like the motivation from an instructor and other members in a class. It helps me keep pushing through the workout!


Happy weekend, girl!! After seeing those peonies, I am on a quest to find some gorgeous ones today!!

To answer your blind book date question, I don’t know if I would read what I got, but I would want to but it just to see what I got ahahah!!

xx Libby


Omg! I totally love your idea of meeting the person that picked the same book!
As for running, I’m a runner now but I HATED it initially. About 6 years ago, I started running by using the couch to 5K training app and followed it pretty religiously. Once I hit the goal, I’ve never looked back and love running now! I run a minimum of 3 miles, at least three times a week. I need it to de-stress! It makes me feel great! To prevent injury, the key is to start slow and work your way up gradually, as you need to build the bone strength to run.


That tulip photo is gorgeous! Just made it my phone wallpaper and it makes me smile to look at 🙂


I love the book idea! I also love The Modern Mrs. Darcy and her podcast, What Should I Read Next. It would be wonderful if you could be her guest on an episode 😊


I love these post! Do you run and do BBG in the same day or do you split it up? Your workout post always motivate me!


I live in Charlestown and love Figs! Their bolognese is to die for.

Where did you and Nicole get pedicures? I’ve been looking for a good place in Boston!


Carly this was a really great diary. I’m blown away by the quality of the photos (are you still using your iPhone)? I love the key chain, I think I’ll treat myself = )

Lauren G

So glad I learned about Sezane through you! It is the most gorgeous brand. And love the blind date books. My goal for the year is to read at least 24, so I’m trying to find new material to keep me motivated through it!