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This week didn’t go as planned. We were supposed to be moving, but things have been delayed (wah!) and we’re now on hold. I’m so excited that being patient is proving difficult. The silver lining is that I hadn’t planned a single thing for this entire week so I’ve had so much more “free” time than usual. Great workouts, extra long dog walks, and a few impromptu date nights.

Last weekend I was in Boston to celebrate Nicole’s upcoming wedding and this weekend I’m in Charleston for Julia’s baby shower! So fun celebrating my friends!!

White Peonies

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Meghan On Friendship

My dear friend Meghan wrote a really wonderful post about friendship. Meghan and I were recently talking about how much our friendship has bloomed over the past year or so as well as a lot about friendships in general. Loved her reflection and perspective. I know making and finding friends as an adult isn’t as easy as it was as a kid, but it makes finding true friends as an adult that much more valuable!!

TWO // Sezane Ann Dress

I mentioned last week that Sezane’s new collection was launching. I’m always just so impressed with their line. Everything is beautiful and it now, for sure, my favorite clothing line. I ended up ordering two dresses that I can’t wait to wear this summer. The first (which I shared on Instagram stories) is this blue and white striped dress. It’s SO CUTE and will look great over a swimsuit or dressed up with espadrilles. I also got this red dress and, wow, it’s gorgeous and chic but comfortable.

THREE // Jordyn Wieber’s New Head Coach Position

The University of Arkansas just named Jordyn Wieber as the new head coach of the gymnastics program. She had been assisting Val at UCLA and I’m excited to see what she does with the program.

FOUR // Urban Stem’s Peony Bouquet

I got an email from J. Crew that they were partnering with Urban Stems for Mother’s Day. (“JCREW” at checkout will get you 15% off!) Everything looks amazing on the site, but the peony bouquet seriously stood out to me– it’s stunning.

FIVE // Liver Transplant Meets Her Donor for the First Time

Ummm… this is a heartwarming tearjerker. Maybe don’t watch this one if you’re at your desk at work. A young man ended up being a perfect match for a stranger and saved her life with a liver transplant. They met for the first time and the moment is as amazing as you’d expect.

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You seem to have a hard time maintaining and deepening your adult friendships. You’ve known Meghan for 24-36 months – she’s not a ‘dear friend’. You seem to confuse casual friendships as something more and lack long term friendships that are stable, mature, and established. For the exception of Nicole – who you appear to see three times a year – most of your friendships appear blog related (Meghan, Julia, Mackenzie, Kelly) or pure chance/opportunistic (your boyfriend ‘s sister, her friends, etc). I’m not suggesting these people aren’t your ‘friends’ – I trust they are. But, you seem to exaggerate the depth of these friendships (or have a knack of letting them die on the vine) and lack long term, meaningful friendships. Why is that?


First, Meghan IS a dear friend. We’ve known each other for years and our friendship has deepened over the past year and a half to a true, very dear friendship.

Secondly, you have no idea what you’re talking about re: my friendships as an adult. YES, people have come into my life through my blog (which would be like meeting a close friend through work), my precious job (Maxie), college, and mutual friends. I don’t think it’s as uncommon or unusual as you’re making it out to be… and the people you’ve listed (which is not inclusive of all my friends, they are friends that appear more often on my blog because of the nature of their blogs and understanding a sense of living publicly) are friends that I have had since 2011/2012 when I moved to New York. Which has been my adult life, not sure how that means I can’t maintain friendships as an adult. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Sorry you have to deal with comments like this, Carly! Even as someone who puts their life in the public eye, it’s completely inappropriate for someone to make accusatory and insensitive remarks about intimate parts of your life they know nothing about. Your constant mentions of your friends remind me that I need to do better at keeping up with people, even if it only does mean visiting them when I can! I have so many friends from college who don’t live in the same city as me, and I understand how difficult it can be when you have to travel to make a friendship survive and thrive. You’re an inspiration on this front, Carly!


Did you stop having someone moderate your comments? I’m surprised this comment made it through. Not worth your or Meghan’s valuable time or attention – a la Brené Brown!


I have several friends who have come into my life in my early 30s who have become close friends. I also have my best friends from college. I do not think how long you know a person determines your closeness or how you perceive a friendship. I DO think your comment is accusatory, judgmental and hurtful and unnecessary all around, Polly.


Unless you’re posting advertisements that you’re seeking a best friend, don’t almost all friendships happen by chance or through opportunity?!

Polly, you must be some all-knowing unicorn something-or-other if you’re able to completely read a situation from the glimpses that someone posts of their life. Teach me your skill, I want to be able to learn everything about everything from small gleams of information!

Mary Hagen Carmichael

Moving is the worst! Good luck, but I’m so glad you’ve had unexpected free time this week. Enjoy Charleston – it’s gorgeous this time of year 🙂 Also, love the peony bouquet!

Hagen Carmichael


Thank you for the inclusion of my post! So glad we’ve become closer friends in the past year & grateful for friends who make it a mutually beneficial friendship!