My book!

I’ve mentioned a few times before, but I wrote a book during the summer after my freshman year.
I present to you guys….
And it’s FINALLY published! It’s currently available as an eBook in the Kindle library on Amazon. You don’t need a Kindle to read it- you can download a FREE application for Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, etc from this link.
The Freshman 50 documents a student’s journey through her first year of college in a part memoir, part survival guide format. Halfway through her freshman year, the author realized that there were so many things she wished someone had told her before stepping foot on campus. This book is her compilation of everything she wish she knew, was glad she knew, and wished she didn’t know. A must read guide for every high school graduate before they begin their freshman year of college.”
Why I wrote it. So basically, midway through my freshman year (sort of around the same time I started this blog actually), I realized that there were certain topics and things that weren’t exactly discussed at graduation parties or whatever. You know? Like, everyone tells you that you’re going to have the BEST time of your life. And everyone gives their own “advice” on how to deal with roommates, most of the time by sharing their own horror stories.
I started making a list (obviously) of things that I wished someone had told me before I came to Georgetown. Especially being the oldest of the family and going to an out of state, smallish, private school, I felt like I knew next to nothing. Most of what I learned was from making mistakes. Lots and lots of them.
And the list kept growing. At some point, I figured that I could actually make this into a marketable book. A What to Expect When You’re Expecting for college students, if you will.
That summer after my freshman year was spent writing each of the fifty chapters.
Fifty things that I wish I knew before heading off to Georgetown.
Okay, I’m not forcing any of you guys to buy it… but if you’re in college (particularly a freshman) or in high school, or have a son/daughter/niece/nephew that is heading to college…. I really do recommend this book!

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yayyy!! Thats so exciting it's published 🙂 I'm back around in the blogging spheres btw lol, it's been wayy too long. How have you been?!

Preppy Pink Crocodile

I would love love to know the process you took to get this from idea to amazon. I think it's awesome and its such a dream of mine. I'm so curious to know how it all came to fruition! Congrats – I will be sure to send the link to my college kiddos.