Russell + Hazel

A friend jotted down “Russell + Hazel” on a post it note. And somehow it got lost. But, no worries, it’s been found!
This is the mecca for fabulous desk supplies. No really, it is. ANYTHING you could possibly need (or just want) can all be found on this website. Super high quality stuff, not things found in an Office Depot, that’s for sure.
And they feature different deskscapes. Obviously, I’m sharing the “Preppy Desk” here.

Their own description:

“You mix pink and green with ease and grace, sport woven prints of crossed tennis racquets and lobsters, and you monogram everything! Your L.L. Bean tote is stuffed with madras shorts, badminton birdies, and horn-rimmed glasses. You ski, sail, and are never without your signet ring. You’re a preppy and the desk you use to manage your calendar of charity events, regattas, and weekends in Nantucket should reflect that.”

So true, right? I mean, it is spot on!

This is the inspiration board for it! How fun!!!???!!!
Desks are really important for getting work done and staying organized. Little V just got a new desk and it’s so awesome!

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I am kind of obsessed with being organized, and school/desk supplies… the container store has always been my go-to… not anymore though! Thanks!