I’m usually a broken record when it comes to my skincare. When I find products that work, I stick with them. I’m also pretty lazy, to be honest, when it comes to skincare. I love the idea of winding down at the end of the night with an elaborate routine and going to bed looking like a “glazed doughnut” like everyone else on TikTok. I watch the videos and, frankly, I have so much product sent to me because of my job that in theory I could do it. But then I’m tired and I take the path of least resistance.

This couldn’t have been more true while I was pregnant and then into the first few months postpartum. I had a challenging pregnancy in a few regards but I will say I was blessed with amazing hair and skin! I had stopped using many of my “go-to” products because I was nervous about finding something that was pregnancy safe… so I just went with a very-few-products approach. As I marched through the so-called fourth trimester, I was still not using many products but this time it was because I was exhausted by the end of the day and just wanted to get into bed ASAP. Unfortunately, my magically good skin was no longer a reality for me!!

At some point, I signed up to do a campaign on Instagram with DIME Beauty for a couple of their products. (I really like their lash serum and I was excited to try the whipped scrub.) Well they sent a whole suite of products… and I just started using them. This post is not sponsored, but I have gotten so many DMs about my skin that I had to share. DIME did gift the product suite (in addition to what the sponsored content was for) when I was doing the original campaign, but I had no obligation to post outside of the campaign on Instagram, which happened a couple of months ago. I like that I feel like I have a skincare routine right now, without it feeling like a super lengthy or in depth process. It feels manageable with great results.

My code from the campaign I did with them is still active, you can use CARLY 20%.

So here’s what I’m using:


Gentle Jelly Cleanser (I keep this in my shower and use it when I shower in the morning)

Hyper Glow Serum

Dewy Day Cream

Supergoop Matte Screen or Glow Screen (depends on the vibe I’m going for)


Fresh Soy Cleanser (removes makeup too so I use it at night)

Whipped Exfoliating Mask (2-3x/week)

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Restorative Night Cream

I can’t say enough good things about this line. I love that it takes the guess work out of skincare for me. I like it, it works, and I know the products all go together. After using it for a couple of weeks, I swear people started making comments asking for a skincare routine. Always a good sign– and such a boost of confidence. Is there anything better than feeling good in your own skin? I’ve been skipping foundation most days and opting just for my holy grail eyebrow gel and mascara.

My code from the campaign I did with them is still active, you can use CARLY 20%.

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Would love to see a before and after shot showing how this actually improved your skin.


I didn’t take official before photos- wasn’t planning to overhaul my skin exactly. But any photo/video of myself from February on would be a good after. I haven’t been wearing foundation much at all anymore!


I was the same way during pregnancy – I had sooo much anxiety about the products I was using that I basically ceased having a skincare routine. If you ever have another baby, I found a website called 15 minute beauty towards the end of my pregnancy that is written by a doctor and breaks down literally every product you could every want and if it’s pregnancy safe!! I recommend it to all of my pregnant friends because I really could have used it myself in those early “can I use this?” days.


Do you think you like the Dime cleanser better than your Fresh Soy Cleanser?! I know that has been your holy grail for years!


I’m using both– the DIME in the morning and the Fresh Soy at night because it removes makeup!


Your skin looks great! Are you still using a cbd product for acne? It doesn’t look like you have any currently but I remember a while ago you recommended it.