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My friend Fran just did this blog post ahead of her own birthday and I thought it was such a clever idea. I already bought myself my birthday present because I couldn’t wait, this is just a list totally for fun– and let me tell you, it was fun to put together. Dreaming up a totally delusional wishlist?! Love it.

Gucci Jackie // I bought the Jackie bag in black and it’s been one of my very favorite purchases. I knew it would be something that I could use in so many ways and that is very much the case. Even more so than I thought!! The brown is just as stunning…

Chanel Ballerinas // How beautiful are these little light pink Chanel ballerinas? They are certainly a splurge and a little hard to track down as they aren’t available right now. I think this pair would be a nice neutral.

Van Cleef Bracelet // The biggest delusion for me… I have been drooling over the Van Cleef motif bracelets for years. They’re beautiful heirloom pieces and I like that they feel special but also something you can wear everyday too.

Diamond Studs // Most of the earrings I wear are faux because I’m so paranoid about losing earrings. A girl can dream though. (These are the perfect match to my engagement ring, so I’m extra drawn to it.)

Celine Sunglasses // Okay maybe I have this problem where I love all the things I already own! I guess there are worse problems (like regret!). Similar to the Gucci Jackie bag, adding the black would be fun for my wardrobe.

Peloton Tread // This is mostly delusional because we have no space for this in our house. I was a quick convert to the Peloton bike and I started using the Peloton app for workouts in the gym, including the run/walk workouts on the regular treadmill.

Vitamix // This has been on my wishlist for a while and another one that’s delusional due to space constraints. We already have so many great kitchen appliances and we are tight on storage now. We also have a perfectly functional blender already. The Vitamix just feels like the best of the best!

What would be on your delusional wishlist?

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Fran Acciardo

Yess Carly, love it!! I’ve been thinking about a Van Cleef bracelet a lot lately too — great minds think alike!


Happy birthday!!! On the note of earrings (and being paranoid to lose expensive ones), my mom had diamond earrings, and the post was actually a screw and the back had to screw on/off, so it couldn’t just be pulled off. It made them IMPOSSIBLE to lose, so that may be something worth looking into!


My delusional gift wish is Taylor Swift tickets lol! My other pick would be a kindle and a subscription for digital books. I commute too much to actually sit down and read that often, but I love the idea of it!


You can get a digital library card and get books free from the Libby app! To me, being able to download books from home for free made the kindle purchase SO worth it. Also a lot of people put functional kindles on Facebook marketplace extremely cheap. My husband was jealous of mine and found a few in the $30 range. It’s an older model and a tiny bit slow but it works just fine.


happy almost birthday! we got the vitamix on prime day & it was worth every penny.


I love this!! My birthday is soon as well and now I want to make one of these! 🤣🤣


My delusional wishlist item has been a green Goyard tote for a while now. I could never pay that for a bag but it is pretty to look at!

Laura Holmes

Two of your items have been on mine for a while-the Jackie and the Van Cleef bracelet! Both stunning and legacy pieces.