After starting this monthly what I bought on Amazon series last year, I thought it would only be fitting to share a recap of my favorite Amazon purchases of 2023!

Long Sleeve Workout Shirt // These under $30 long sleeve yoga shirts are so good! I have it in a few colors now and love wearing them for pickleball, walks, or just a cozy day at home.

Clear Nightstand Cord Holders // I was tired of searching for the phone charger cable by nightstand, so I got these clear cold holders that attach to the side. They are a lifesaver!

Crew Socks // These were a highly recommended when I was searching for cute socks to wear with jeans and sneakers, and needless to say I’m also obsessed and have already repurchased more!

Pickleball Dress // This scalloped exercise dress I ordered for pickleball was such a great find! I love that it’s lined, and has matching shorts with two pockets for credit cards and keys.

LMNT Electrolytes // If you haven’t tried LMNT, I highly recommend it!! Mike and I have one every day. Try the sample pack to find your favorites– we both love the Raspberry Salt.

Slim Fit Tanks // These tanks have been a go-to for me throughout this pregnancy. I wear one most days under my tops and cardigan and have allowed me to wear some of my favorite pieces a little longer.

Folex Spot Remover // This spot remover is a game changer! It’s super effective at removing stains and works on everything from wine spills to pet accidents. Plus, it’s so easy to use – just spray and blot.

Ultrasonic Retainer Cleaning Machine // After seeing ads for these ultrasonic retainer cleaning machines, I finally caved and got one to try out. I was BLOWN AWAY by how well it worked!!!! I ran a couple of cycles for the first time and I can’t believe how great my retainers look again….

Toddler Balance Bike // Jack loves riding his scooter and Retrospec walker/balance bike, so we decided to get him this toddler balance bike this summer and it has been a hit.

New Balance 547 Sneaker // These are the most comfortable shoes! I wore them all year and didn’t have any issues. I was looking for an everyday shoe that could go with everything but wasn’t a white sneaker, and I can say that I am obsessed.

Vegetable Slicer // I caved and bought this vegetable slicer after seeing it on TikTok and love it for chopping, grating, and slicing. Not only does it speed up my prep time but also makes dicing veggies a little more enjoyable.

iMac Cord Hub // This cord hub for my iMac has been so handy when working from my desk. It has an outlet port for everything and makes my life so much easier since I don’t have to have to keep track of a bunch of convertor cords.



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Love this post! Did you size up in the tanks for maternity or just buy your regular size? I’m in the same boat and excited to find affordable tanks that will work throughout my pregnancy!


I went up one size… and it’s been great until literally this week (34 weeks). I think I’m going to order the next size as my bump has grown significantly *I’m measuring big (two weeks) though, so it may just be my bump!