ON MY RADAR 1.5.24

I’m slowly easing into the new year and getting back to work. Unfortunately we got pretty slammed with sickness over our break, though it could have been way worse so I’m grateful for that. I also had some boring work administrative tasks that I wanted to get out of the way asap. I was also over the Christmas decorations and needed to get our house back in order! Not the most exciting week here, but I’m feeling pretty reset with a clean slate, which is exactly how I want to start 2024. (I’m also a little behind on posts that I normally do at the beginning of the year, so stayed tuned for those as I catch up! They’re some of my favorite posts to write, and then reflect on later, so I like having them living on my blog!)

Here’s what’s been on my radar:

ONE // Circus Party Animal Print

We still haven’t completely picked our baby’s name yet (we’re very close!) and I’m starting to get antsy about getting a few personalized things 😜 Once we nail it down, I’m planning on embroidering a onesie, just like I did for Jack and then I want to buy these prints for the nursery. One for Jack, and one for the baby. love these circus party animal prints and think they’re so fun and whimsical. 

TWO // Maestro Filmed in Leonard Bernstein’s Real Home

Over the break, Mike and I watched Maestro together. It was so well done and a joy to watch– if for nothing else, you should watch it for the fashion and interiors! I was drooling over their beautiful Connecticut home and they actually filmed it in the real house. Such a cool detail and I think it made a difference in the film.

THREE // American Girl Dolls Eras Tour Tee

Calling all Swiftie American Girl Doll fans…. This t-shirt is hysterical and I know it’s going to resonate with a lot of you guys too. An Eras Tour t-shirt with American Girl Dolls instead. It’s actually genius….

FOUR // An Easy 5-Ingredient Trader Joe’s Meal

I’m still trying to keep up with my resolution from last year to cook more meals. I’ve determined that being successful for this is picking easy and quick recipes that are good for weeknights and not overwhelming myself with complicated recipes and ingredient lists. I know I’m so much more likely to get a dinner done when it’s not intimidating. This one couldn’t be easier and it looks delicious too!

FIVE // Striped Boyfriend Shirt

I have one of these shirts in a different colorway and I think this is going to be a go-to for me once I have the baby. It is perfect for breastfeeding and has fun pop of colors to work with. I also like that it’s loose and casual. Here for it!

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Yay! So glad to hear you will be doing your new year posts. I look forward to them each year.

Happy New Year!