DIARY No. 113

A lot to catch up on! Here’s what the past few weeks have looked like according to my camera roll.

We had so many fun holiday activities lined up with friends and family over the month of December. It sort of felt like I went overboard, but I also feel like there are only so many Christmases with little kids and gosh darn it I want to enjoy it!! This was my favorite holiday outfit for Jack this year. So freaking adorable. The $13 hat has been a go-to for us. I bought multiple so we have one at daycare, one in my tote/car, and one in the house.

We put our tree in a new spot this year with our new living room layout and it makes me so happy. Every night when we walked up for bedtime, Jack and I would say a little “goodnight” to the tree.

I hope I can share more later, but I’ve been experiencing a little bit more of a complicated pregnancy this time around. It’s been stressful and has caused a lot of anxiety, but one “perk” is that I get to see the baby all the time in ultrasounds. He’s getting so chubby and I swear he already looks like Jack’s twin! I got a bit of good news after the last appointment, so after sobbing in my car with relief for 10 minutes, I took myself to Dunkin to celebrate with a doughnut, as one does.

I kept my expectations low for over the holiday break not wanting to put too much pressure on myself. One thing I definitely wanted to do was bake and bake I did. I even tried my hand at these candy cane bows, which satisfied a bit of my crafting itch as well.

I really have been having fun experimenting with new makeup products. This liquid blush (color: chilly) is amazing.

We took Jack on the big Polar Express experience ride. This was a big “surprise” and he loved it. It was a huge production and way more of an experience than I was expecting. Tickets were sold out in July and I didn’t think he would be old enough to fully enjoy it. Then Thanksgiving rolled around and Jack became obsessed with The Polar Express. The book, the movie, the soundtrack. Of course, I felt like a bad mom for not getting tickets. I ended up finding some in our town’s Facebook group and the date and time worked out perfectly. Jack was obsessed and, even though I was a bit overstimulated (lol), I was choked up the entire time watching him enjoy it.

On Christmas Eve Eve, a bunch of us journeyed to Dyker Heights to see the Christmas lights. This is definitely a “bucket list” thing to do if you’re somewhat local. It’s insane. The houses are DECKED OUT. It’s super crowded and it can be a lot (think: Disney World crowds with actual tour buses/groups), so I think it’ll be a while before I’m interested in doing it again, but it is definitely something you need to experience at least once.

My boys!

We had the best Christmas! Jack’s big gift was a bubble leaf blower. He’s obsessed with leaf blowers and this one is like the “real” ones the landscapers use because it’s a backpack 😉 We did Christmas morning at our house and had breakfast as a family and then went over to my in-laws’ house for the rest of the day. Love that Jack gets to play all day with his cousins!

Mike surprised me with a mini “babymoon” staycation in the city for Christmas. We kept failing to get one on the calendar between everything we had going on this fall so this was the perfect getaway. We really relaxed and enjoyed the time fully. I read for hours and hours and slept in every morning!!! Felt so good!

He even got tickets to see a Broadway show. We saw Kimberly Akimbo, which was pretty good. Neither of us were into it at the beginning but eventually the characters grew on us! It was quirky and a little different!

My evening lineup has looked like this lately!

Our November/December felt especially full so we are leaning into a more relaxed January. Trying to soak up the last few weeks as a family of three!! Lots of walks and quality time is on the docket.

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Love the photos! The last picture made me think of your 1000 Hours Outside and you could do an update as you did it all year! My family also does it and know all the benefits for the kids but also myself. Your last post was great but a end of year recap could be an idea 😀


I hope you keep getting good news about your pregnancy. Keeping all of you in my thoughts.


So glad you had good news at your last apt! I recently found out I’m expecting with my first and am having so much fun digging through your pregnancy/motherhood archives. So much to learn and look forward to…!