My Favorite Hats

I love hats. Like, love them. A) They keep the sun off my face and I’m really trying to protect my skin from sun damage. B) It’s a great way to cover up slightly dirty hair or tame wild salty and windblown hair. C) I have a big forehead and never mind covering up a few inches of it 😉

I wear hats year round, but in the summer it’s an accessory that I don’t travel without. In fact, I usually bring a few options.

Vineyard Vines Hat

The Baseball Hat // You can’t go wrong with a baseball hat. I wear these for everyday errands frequently with a low ponytail or just a French braid. (The trick for the braid is to start it low enough so you can still get the hat on!) But one of my favorite ways to wear a hat to look sporty but still cute (hehe) is to wear it over hair that’s down and/or slightly styled. I loooove the way a baseball hat looks over one or two day old curled hair.

I have probably way too many baseball hats. The stack is ginormous and I should probably be better about whittling them down. I will say though, they’re one of my favorite “souvenirs” from trips! Maybe it’s a hat from your favorite hotel, a sporting event you went to, or some kind of location-specific design. I have a bunch that I love but I think it’s safe to say that the Vineyard Vines baseball hats are my definite favorite. I’m also a big fan of Harding Lane– they have the cutest embroidered designs and fun colors.

The Straw Hat // For a dressier look or just even more sun protection, I am ALL about a straw hat. They’re both practical and cute. (I also hang them on my wall on a simple nail so they double as decor too!) I get asked where my hats are from all the time, but especially in the summer, and this post was actually inspired by that.

Here’s the thing, it really doesn’t matter where a straw hat is from, it just has to fit your head and look good. What looks great on one girl might not be the best look for another, so try a bunch on and don’t settle for something that doesn’t work for you.

With that said, my all-time favorite hat is this one from Tuckernuck. I have had it for years and it makes it on every single summer trip I go on. It’s packable so I don’t have to worry about it getting smooshed. (And if it does, a little steamer action brings it right back to life.) It also works for casual days down at the beach or dressed up with a cute summer outfit. Highly recommend. (I also have the white bow and it comes in black as well.)

My other fave straw hat is from Peter Beaton on Nantucket. It’s the cutest hat shop ever and if you find yourself on Island at some point, make sure you give them a visit. The hats, though, are ridiculously overpriced and you can get the exact same look for much less. (I don’t regret buying their hats though, I really do love them and it’s all part of the “experience.”) When you walk in, it’s a little like going to Ollivanders (the wand shop in Harry Potter). You pick out a hat and even the same style might be a little bigger/smaller so you really do have to try a bunch on before finding the perfect style + fit. And then you pick out a grosgrain ribbon and they tie it on the hat. That’s it! You could just as easily find a simple straw hat and tie your own thick grosgrain ribbon.


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Sha'Carey Martin

I have never been much of a hat wearer! I was more on the headband side but since I’ll be traveling in a few weeks I may look into a baseball style cap for when I want to keep the sun out of my face but not really wanting to ruin my makeup!


Growing up I lived in baseball hats. I ride horses, sbd I was either wearing a baseball cap or s helmet, not great for the hair! I recently got back into hats, inspired by you! I got a hat as a souvnire from Maine and I’m loving how it looks over down styled hair like you said. And of course on bad hair days!


P.S. Widdling isn’t a word – the word you’re looking for is whittling!


that’d be something that grammarly would catch if you get the chrome extension!

Southern & Style

When I was younger, I always hated how I looked in hats but the older I get (& the more I hate washing my hair!) I’ve learned to love a good ‘ole baseball cap and have amassed quite the collection over the past few years!

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style