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This has been one of the best weeks of the year, definitely of the summer. We came up to Henderson Harbor to celebrate the Fourth. We’ve had perfect weather for boating and reading down on the dock. I mean is there anything more “summer” than water skiing, grilling hot dogs, and playing board games on a humid porch until after midnight?! I think I’m firmly in the lake house camp (vs. beach house camp).

Henderson Harbor

Hat // Similar Bathing Suit // Sunglasses

I actually don’t have a lot on my radar right now. I haven’t been on my computer except for the bare, bare minimum amount required. (It’s been glorious!)

ONE // Margaux Sandals

love Margaux ballet flats. They just came out with a sandal and, wow, they’re beautiful. If you’re looking for a classic sandal, I feel like these should be at the top of your list!!

TWO // Little Women Adaptation

They’re coming out with another adaptation of Little Women and it’s set in modern day. I’m all about Little Women and have watched every adaptation and read the book when I was younger. I watched the trailer for this one and, well, let’s just say I’ll watch it but I don’t know if I have the highest of hopes for it. Thoughts??

THREE // Blue & White Coverup

I have been living in coverups. So many trips to the beach so far and still more to come. You guys know that I have plennnnnty of bathing suits. I have some great coverups that can double as dresses. But I have been looking for some lighter weight ones that work for days when it’s super hot. My friend has a bunch of Roberta Roller Rabbit coverups and I love the look. Definitely feel like this one is right up my alley!

FOUR // Catan

Saving the best for last. If you aren’t on the Catan board game train yet, I can’t recommend Catan enough. I am all about a great game night and this just took it to a new level. We have been playing this pretty much non-stop since arriving at the lake house. It’s ridiculously confusing at firt…. but then when you get it, you will be addicted. At first, I was so lost and frustrated, I wanted to quit. And now I’m absolutely hooked. GET IT, LEARN IT, PLAY IT!

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I totally agree with your lake houses are better than beach houses take. I grew up waterskiing every weekend in the summer, and going to a lakehouse for one week of the summer, and they were some of the best vacations. I’d rather waterski in a lake than splash around in the ocean any day.

jordan @ dancing for donuts

omg i just started playing Catan last xmas and became SO obsessed! it’s the perfect game when you’re with a bunch of people you love! sounds like you’re having the best summer so far, girl. and you look amazing in that swimsuit!!

Libby M.

Catan is the BEST! I am such a Catan nerd that I have the expansion pack…it is a must!! I highly recommend!


They is actually talk that Greta Gerwig is also going to direct a Little Women revival! Meryl Streep, Timothy Chalamet, and Emma Stone are all rumored to star! Fingers crossed!


I love Little Women and I hadn’t heard about the new adaptation and now I can’t wait for it to come out! I’m happy you are enjoying your week!

Courtney Pelfrey

Too funny, I was just saying this week that I’ve decided I’m also in the lake house over beach house camp — just something so nice about spending time on a lake! Glad you’re enjoying some time away from the computer!