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I’ve “retired” nearly all of my Lilly dresses. I have a few that I keep up here with me but I just don’t have that many opportunities to wear them and I find myself reaching for different brands/styles even when I go on trips. I will still forever love Lilly, but I think my days of the bold prints are largely behind me 😉 (Almost entirely… I do have one vintage shift that I kept and I wear this tunic during the summer a lot!)

Otherwise, I usually stick to their solids. I have had the Callista shift dress for YEARS and it remains my number one favorite Lilly dress. It has a nod towards the old shifts, without screaming “Lilly!” (If you know what I mean!)

Lilly Pulitzer Callista Shift Dress

I think the best part about the dress besides the overall style is that it’s a great dress for packing. I love to bring it with me on summer trips because it is very wrinkle resistant. You can throw it on right out of the suitcase without having to lug the iron out or heat up a steamer. It has a little bit of stretch to it too, which is always nice when traveling as well!

Carly Heitlinger

There aren’t enough amazing things to say about this dress– I love it that much. I typically have to space out when I wear it because I would really reach for it every day ha.

Callista Shift Dress

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This is my all-time favorite too! I bought it on a whim at the last minute before for my honeymoon three years ago and it has turned into an absolute wardrobe staple for me. The high collar and stretchy fabric makes it so flattering and the colors can be worn during those transitional seasons. I love this dress!!!


This is so funny because I just thought and drafted a post about my favorite Lilly dress too, which happens to also be this one!! It is seriously THE best!! I agree that it is lilly without screaming Lilly. I also keep one classic shift on hand in case I feel like wearing a very Lilly dress. But this one is incredibly comfy! If it is on the Lilly sale again, I am totally buying another one because I too wear it often!! Love this so much, Carly!! 🙂

xx Libby

Lauren Townsend

I feel the same way. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown out of the bright prints and tend to reach for neutrals. I love how classic this dress is!

Danielle Green

I think you’re probably the person that helped me dive headfirst into Lilly Pulitzer! I’m such a sucker for their timeless pieces (like this) but also their bold crazy prints. So while I’m a little heart broken to read you’re making a move away from the prints, I totally understand at the same time. Thanks for helping me find my inner Lilly Pulitzer & always showing us how to stay true to our personal style!


Some of my favorite Lilly pieces are solids…I will forever be a sucker for a solid Elsa top ❤️