Hermès Scarves

I kind of want to buy an Hermès scarf to frame in our living room. I actually haven’t purchased a single thing for the entire room so we’re working with a completely blank canvas. I’d say that I’m pretty open to everything in there but if I found a gorgeous scarf for one of the walls, I wouldn’t hesitate. Since it’s a pretty large wall, a framed Hermès scarf would fill it just perfectly!

Beyond just buying one of the current scarves available right now at Hermès, I’ve been searching Etsy & The Real Real. Both have loads of gorgeous options and they make finding great treasures so easy. Thought I’d share some of my favorite finds!!

Vintage Hermes Scarf

Find Your Hermés Scarf

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Krista Scott

That’s a great idea. Framed scarves, especially Hermès, are stunning. You probably know this shop already, but Sweet and Spark offer really lovely vintage scarves and jewelry. Framing a scarf that’s vintage makes it a bit more interesting.


I’m always searching those sites for Hermes scarves because I print I wanted last fall sold out before I could convince myself to buy it! I was so sad and I’m hoping it’ll reappear one day.

Kitty Cetola

I love thinking outside the box when decorating! I have two newsprints from the 1800s framed in my dining room. Cool little piece of history!

Cosette Thoms

I framed a large Ferragamo scarf that I bought in Italy and its hung in my bedroom for more than 20 years, so if you’re not finding what you want from Hermes, check that brand. Either way, you won’t regret it!


I love framed scarves! Be careful though, constant exposure to sunlight might fade the silk. Maybe a darker scarf will resist fading better?