Why I Love Shopping Secondhand

National Thrift Day is this Saturday, August 17. I’m excited to announce my partnership with my favorite online resale site thredUP just in time to celebrate the day (stay tuned for a special promo at the end of this post). This year I’ve been really trying to implement greener practices into my life. I’m not perfect, but I’m working on making small changes that I know add up to make bigger differences. In addition to using reusable bags (I have a collection in my car ready for grocery runs and errands) and eliminating disposable coffee cups (I’ve only used seven total throughout the entire year so far), I’m also trying to shop less and to try for secondhand when I can.

I’ve been using thredUP for years and it’s such a great way to shop secondhand. As the world’s largest online thrift store, there is something for everyone. And it’s so much easier and more convenient than shopping in an actual thrift store, which can overwhelm me.

Since textile waste is such a huge issue– the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or incinerated every second– shopping at thredUP is a win/win. Win for you because you get to shop your favorite brands with prices up to 90% off estimated retail and a win for the environment because you keep clothes out of the landfill by giving them a second chance!

Carly the Prepster

Because there is such a large inventory of items being added every day, I think shopping thredUP frequently is the best way to catch the one of a kind deals. I always make sure my sizes are inputted into my account so as I search, only things that would actually fit populate. And I do a mixture of sorting by my favorite brands (for example, I searched “vineyard vines” to find this skirt) and my favorite styles (for example, I searched “flats” to find the shoes). I also like to save my searches and get notified when new items become available. There are lots of ways you can customize your shopping experience to make it fun and easy.

ThredUp Haul

I recently purchased this head-to-outfit and you wouldn’t believe how much I saved:

Nine West Flats: Estimated retail is $15, purchased for $8.99

Pearl Bracelet: Estimated retail is $24.99, purchased for $9.99

Kate Spade Clutch: Estimated retail is $398, purchased for $129.99

J. Crew Factory Blouse: Estimated retail is $35, purchased for $12.99

Vineyard Vines Skirt (new with tags!)Estimated retail is $71, purchased for $17.99

I paid $179.95 on thredUP, but the estimated retail total would have been $543.99. So my savings was $364.04!!!

ThredUP Kate Spade  Carly Heitlinger ThredUp

I love that I was able to put together a complete outfit that is so very “me,” while saving money and saving clothes from ending up in a landfill! Not only do I feel good while wearing the outfit out of cuteness– I also feel good knowing I made a sustainable choice by shopping second hand.


If everyone in the US bought just one item used instead of new in 2019, it would save nearly 6 billion lbs of carbon emissions! In celebration of National Thrift Shop Day, join me in shopping secondhand and helping our wallets and the planet. thredUP is offering you all up to 50% off your first purchase by using the code “CARLY” at checkout. That’s on top of their already discounted prices, so don’t miss out! (Expires 8/31/19. Applies to new US and Canadian customers and redeemable online only. Items under $150. See site for full terms.)

Thank you thredUP for sponsoring this post!

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catherine cossaboon

I adore thred up as well! I check there everyday and have referred so many of my friends! They love my outfits and often can’t beleive that I found it there. I have also sent several of my personal items in to sell. Great outfit on you and great post!


Just signed up for Threadup! I’m super excited to start shopping! Thanks for sharing 🙂


Couldn’t agree with you more, Carly! I work for an estate sale company on the northshore of Chicago (Pierson-Palmer Estate Sales) and I have the hardest time buying anything retail! Estate sales an garage sales are treasure troves of deals – everything from cleaning supplies to high end, designer clothing! For example, the sale we have this week has 3 tubs full of Lilly children’s clothing – everything from size 3t to girl’s 12 (the daughter is in college now so these are patterns from years ago). Dresses, pants, skorts, etc – and for pricing the dresses are priced at $10 and everything else is priced at $5! Not to mention the amazing items throughout the rest of the house!!! Sign up at to receive emails a few days prior to the sales in your neighborhood – in the email you’ll get links to sales that coming weekend along with photos of items being offered. Once you start going to sales, you’ll find a new appreciation for items you won’t find anywhere else!


Wow! I wish I could shop online for my daughter for those Lilly items. I love Lilly’s White Label!

Kitty Cetola

I love vintage shopping! I have a coach cross-body purse that is almost as old as I am – but it was exactly what I was looking for but couldn’t find new! #classic

Danielle Green

I adore this classic look & that it’s bought secondhand! I’m a total secondhand junkie, the affordable prices you get on amazing brands are just too good to pass up!


Does ThredUp offset the emissions from shipping both domestically in the US and internationally here to Canada? I wasn’t able to find the information, but I would love to know if they do, since the rise in shipping from online shopping is a contributor to carbon emissions. =D

Katie Cahill

I have been going to thrift shops and using ThredUP for years. I get so many compliments on my vintage Lily pieces! Love the outfit you chose for this post!

Courtney Jenney

I love the look you put together! I’m a huge fan of thredUP and have used them for SO many different occasions! These flats are adorable! 🙂 Just goes to show that someones “giveaway” pile could end up being the *perfect* buy for another person!


ThredUp is a total scam. They barely compensate people who “sell” their old clothes and then mark up individual pieces for as much or more than they paid the seller.

I mean, I guess you need to make money somehow, but I’ll go buy secondhand somewhere i know my money is actually making a difference and where the carbon emissions aren’t outweighing the potential benefits.

Also, this post is super disingenuous. We know you don’t shop secondhand, you buy everything new. Please have more respect for your readers! We’ll literally never see any of these pieces again, so how exactly is that earth-friendly?????


I completely disagree. Yes, the money you get for selling your clothes through them isn’t as high if you did it yourself. BUT, they do everything for you. I’ve done both ways through other sites and you simply can’t beat the convenience of them doing everything for you. So I think you absolutely have to take that into account when you consider the buy out. And I 100% buy second hand to find certain pieces from previous seasons or if I have a specific “vision” for an outfit and can’t find it in stores. Do I buy everything second hand? Nope. But that’s the point- even making small changes can make a bigger difference.