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One of the things my mom always told me that I didn’t really buy into was the importance of moisturizer. Why don’t daughters listen to their moms? Sheesh! I’m actually super excited to turn 25 (hello mid-twenties!), but I can absolutely see wrinkles starting to show on my face. Now I’m really wishing I had just taken my mom’s advice from the beginning instead of just now.

I think part of it was that I thought that if I used moisturizers my face would get super oily. I’ve always had skin issues/acne so the thought of making my skin oily sent me running for the hills! Surprisingly, it’s not the case.

The opposite in fact!

There was a little bit of an adjustment period getting used to taking the extra time to moisturize every morning and night, remembering to do it before bed, and also going to sleep with a dewy face. But waking up in the morning with glowing skin is so worth it. (Plus, I hope it really does ward off those wrinkles.) I’ve noticed a huge huge huge difference in my skin– smoother, brighter, and generally healthier! 

Why I love these products:
Kiehl’s Micro-Blur Skin Perfector // The newest addition to my routine; I fell in love with it on the first use. (And even made Garrett put it on his face bahaha.) It looks a little tinted, but applies clear. It has the tiniest sweet fragrance and really brightens up my skin. I could not believe how smooth my makeup went on over it. The perfect base.
Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins Cream // This is the first moisturizer that I used on a consistent basis and got me hooked on the benefits of moisturizing. I bought this one day last winter in desperation because my face was extremely dry. I thought it would just be a winter moisturizer, but I use it year-round I love it that much! I use a lot of it every night.
Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone Wrinkle Creme // There’s no such thing as too young for eye cream I’ve decided. This is pretty light and airy. Super easy to apply and feels soft around my eyes!
Clinique Super City Block // SPF is totally necessary for protecting your skin from future damage, but sometimes sunscreen can feel greasy and too beachy. This is the best SPF product I’ve used for everyday wear. It’s kind of “frothy” when it comes out of the bottle and that texture makes it go on super smoothly and easily. I wear this with and without makeup.

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Do you moisturize every day? What are your favorite products?

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I used to use cityblock, but I'm more into COtZ lately! I would definitely recommend checking it out. It wears like a makeup primer and sunscreen in one, although they don't advertise it that way. It keeps my skin matte and smooth throughout the day.

— Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

Amber Lee Rosenzweig

I completely agree. I have taken yet another step though and also jumped on the serum bandwagon. If you would have told me a few years ago that this would be the case I would laugh. I refused to pay $50++ for a jar of cream for my face. This past weekend I just admitted to a friend that honestly, I would cut other things from my budget before I'd give up my serum, moisturizer, eye cream routine. I love the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery and Wrinkle Reducer (formerly super vitamin C) and layer them on under my moisturizer night and day respectively. I also had the same fear (grease/oil!), but have noticed a change for the better in my skin. Thing is if you hydrate your skin it doesn't need to produce oil to attempt to do it itself!


Hi Carly! Love your blog! — was wondering if you have had any trouble with acne scarring and/or dark spots? I am 24, and still break out, but its not even the break outs that bother me, its the scars/dark spots afterwards. Just wondering if you had any advice or product recommendations!

Mika P.

I agree with your old sentiment about moisturizing skin because mine is oily and acne-prone as well. I need to start getting in the habit of moisturizing so my skin doesn't feel the need to get oily to compensate! Thank you!


THANK YOU for including a sunscreen with more than SPF 15! All the bloggers I follow are posting sunscreen with such a low SPF and it's frustrating to read.

If you have oily skin (I do as well!) you might like the COOLA MatteFinish Cucumber sunscreen. I have very oily, acneic skin and I LOVE this sunscreen. It's also cruelty free and organic! 🙂


I've had the same thing for the longest time, I always thought I shouldn't use moisturizer because my skin would become more oily. Thanks for this post, I'll start using more moisturizer from now on, and these products sound like great ways to start that off!

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole


I received a sample of Night-A-Mins a couple of months ago through one of Origins' promotions & I absolutely love it. Like you, I went the longest time without using a moisturizer because I was worried it would make my face oily and I hate the feeling of lotion and/or makeup weighing on my face. Origins' "Balanced Diet" finally got me using moisturizer daily, I love how lightweight it is. During the winter I started using the "Make a Difference Plus+" rejuvenating creme & love it. The "Night-A-Mins" has been the perfect nightly addition to my routine, I can't get enought of Origins' products.
love following along,

Aissa Carmela

Aveeno and Neutrogena moisturizers are amazing too! I have yet to find an eye cream that I absolutely love. I will have to try the Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone Wrinkle Creme 🙂 Thanks for the post!

Aissa \ Aissa Carmela

Brittany Lee

I have oily/acne prone skin as well (I thought that was supposed to go away as you got older!?) and I have to say my absolute FAVORITE moisturizer is Clinique's Turnaround Overnight Radiance. It's a little pricey, but something I'm willing to splurge one. When I first started using it, I thought it felt a little oily, but once it absorbs into your skin it is absolutely HEAVENLY. I wake with baby soft, glowing skin and it is fabulous. I don't know what I would do without it!
I'm also in love with the Super City Block.
Now if only it could solve my acne problem, as well!

Fabulously Unprepared


Totally agree that moisturizer (especially one with an SPF) is crucial to healthy skin. I hate putting sunscreen on my face and will avoid doing it because of how it feels…but I've been using L'Oreal's new SPF line and it's the best drugstore brand by far. It goes on smooth (not oily) and absorbs right away. It's a great option if the Clinique stuff is out of budget, as it is for me 🙂

Love, Gigi
Dolce and Gabriella