Teddy’s Favorite Things

It just blows my mind how quickly Teddy is growing up! One minute he needs help getting up and down the stairs and now he’s taking on Central Park without a leash. (God help me when I’m a parent… seriously, sometimes I just look at him and cry.)
He’s really such a sweet puppy dog. Most of the time he’s a lazy little muffin and sometimes he’s a crazy dog running around like crazy.
Some of his favorite things:
Blue Buffalo Puppy Food // When I first got Teddy, I was panicking about the right brand of dog food. When you start googling, everything gets complicated and terrible things about dog deaths come up. I went for personal recommendations from friends, employees at the local pet store, and ultimately my vet for recommendations. My vet (and nearly everyone else!) recommended Blue Buffalo. Teddy loves the food.
Billy Wolf Rain Coat // I hate the rain because Teddy hates the rain. He will literally run up every stoop on the way home just hoping we can duck out of the rain for a second. It’s cute, but also pathetic. Especially when he looks like a little wet mop from getting soaked. This rain coat keeps most of his fur nice and dry! (Plus, he gets a million compliments.)
Blue Bits // Same brand as the dog food, these little treats are great! I don’t over-treat Teddy, but these are amazing for teaching Teddy tricks!
Burt’s Bees for Puppies // Teddy gets lots of baths. He gets sweaty and gross and dirty when he plays every morning so I give him a good scrubbing. This shampoo is perfect for puppies and he doesn’t fight too much. 
Martha Stewart Boat Bed // BAHAH! It’s a boat. It’s a little cheesy, but seeing him curled up in the boat just cracks me up. It’s right by my bed and when I wake up in the middle of the night, I peek down and he’s just so cute.
Rope Toys // Rope toys > every toy. He’s gotten super aggressive (in a growing up puppy kind of way) and the rope toys are perfect chewing. Tough and fun. Also good for tug of wars with Garrett… Teddy and G have fun together!
Greenies // These little things are great for Teddy’s teeth.
Dishcloths // He has a way of jumping and getting these from every sink. I don’t know how he does it; we might need to set up some hidden cameras! 

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Mariana Jennings

Hi Carly! May I ask where you take Teddy for pet boarding when you go out of town? I am needing to take my two puppies to pet boarding next month. I remember you wrote a post about it but I can't find it. Thanks in advance! 🙂

Dani Fairbairn

I feel you girl. My family got a puppy in March and she was just so tiny. She is part German shepherd and has been growing like a weed. I remember she used to be scared of the stairs but now she just runs up and down them for fun.

Caroline Ciener

What breed is Teddy?! I have a shihtzu/teacup poodle that looks just like him! My Champ is mostly white, though. My boyfriend just got a goldendoodle and though he is white, he also looks just like Teddy too! Anyways, he is so precious and I've been looking for a good raincoat for Champ, he also hates the rain. This is an awesome post idea, you must be a crazy dog mom like me!
Cheers, Caroline

Elizabeth Mata

I absolutely love your dog! He is SO adorable, and I can totally relate to your feeling towards him 🙂 I have a welsh corgi named Teddy too


Hi Carly- I love your blog and I've been a long time reader. I was wondering if you could do an 'affordable prep' fashion post? gotta look after my sadly empty wallet haha 🙂

Elle Paige & Henry

Henry loves his Hear Doggy toys and as do I because only dogs can hear the squeak! I also love Pecan Pie Dog Collars. Teddy would look adorable in a bow tie!

Lauren Rose

I had no idea Burts Bees made a line for dogs – mine better watch out, she's going to be getting a bath!