My Favorite NYC Spots

I moved to New York City exactly six months ago. The time has flown by. Yet, at the same time, I feel like I’ve been here forever. I love this city. Absolutely everything about it. The city is beyond busy, yet not a day goes by that I don’t see a Georgetown friend on the subway, on a street corner, or at an event.   The cabs, the subway rides, and even the super long walks are always exciting. Different faces. Different accents. Different opinions. The city has just about everything.
I never, ever want to leave.
One thing about living in NYC? There’s no shortage of amazing restaurants. For me at least, most of my “friend dates” include restaurants. We might meet for a mid-morning brunch followed by a day of shopping. Or take a break in the middle of the day for a quick lunch. Or, after a long day of something fun, end up in a corner table to gossip about the day’s events. Regardless of when or where we end up, food is pretty much always involved. And considering our choices, I’m a-okay with that.
One weird thing… even though there are plenty of choices, we always end up at the same place. I play favorites. When you know the waiters by name (and say hello! when you cross paths in a subway station), you know you have a serious problem. But if it’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right.
My five favorite spots to grab a bite to eat in New York City:
Maison Kayser | 1294 3rd Ave
When my family was here over the holidays, we stumbled on this little spot. Well actually, we went in because we saw how crowded and popular it was. With good reason. It’s amazing. You really can’t go wrong with anything. It’s a perfect place for brunch! (Literally, everything is good.)
Le Moulin a Café | 1439 York Ave
Yep. This is my go-to meeting place. Seriously. Anytime I have to meet someone for something, this is my first suggestion. The croissants? Perfection. Add a café au lait and I’m a happy girl. There’s a sit down restaurant in the back, but I prefer the casual cafe in the front. Sitting by the window and people watching is also fun!
Doughnut Plant | 220 W 23rd St
Oh, well, I mean… I love doughnuts. Doughnut Plant is kind of out of the way, but I think this is a good thing. When I get really in the mood for one, I have to walk a distance. So basically, I cancel out the calories. Right?! The doughnuts aren’t exactly what you might expect. They’re BETTER.
Beyoglu | 1431 3rd Ave
This is super close to where I live and I have to admit that I go here way too often. As in, at least once a week. But I’ve been known to go up to three times. The bread and hummus is amazing. I could simply eat that and that alone. Even so everything is great so I end up ordering way more than I need. The hummus, the cacik, the falafel, the shepherd salad, and the stuffed grape leaves are my favies!
The Smith | 55 3rd Ave
Brussels sprouts and a photo booth. Anything other words necessary?
What are your favorite restaurants?

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I had my last birthday at the smith; (east village location & absolutely used the photo booth). My 3 best friends live on the same block at the midtown east smith, we go all the time. excellent choices!


Restaurants in New York are amazing, aren't they? Whenever I go back home I always have a list of places I want to try that is as long as I am. I've been to Maison Kayser, but I haven't had brunch there and most definitely want to. I'm also excited about trying out the croissant at Le Moulin du Cafe.

Some of my favorite NYC eateries are The Smile on Bond Street, Public for a killer brunch and City Bakery, because everything they make is awesome.


my favourite one in nyc was a very tiny mexican restaurant somewhere near ground zero… but I don't know the name anymore 😀
nyc is such an amazing city, the single week I was there last summer was way too short.
Maybe I'll try out "The Smith" next time 😉

btw I LOVE your blog, every single post is so inspiring! thanks for everything!


You should definitely check out Nectar on 82 street! I grew up a block and a half away from there and every weekend that is where we had our Sunday brunch. It has an old diner feel but the food is still amazing. The best part is, it is super quiet and not a ton of people know its there. When i moved back to Greenwich, CT to ride horses over the summer, I took the train into the city every Sunday. Last time i went to Nectar, I ate next to Hugh Jackson! It's a must do!


The Smith is one of my favorites too! Their brunch, lunch, dinner are all so good! I also love Buddahkan and The Standard for lunch.


Love Beyoglu! Went there with a friend last week – couldn't get enough of the cacik. Think I'll try Doughnut Plant this weekend – I've been on the hunt for a good doughnut place in the city! Great post, Carly!

Shelby Foster

There are NO words for how much I love the Smith. I lived right by there this summer when I was in NYC for an internship, and I went way too often (especially on late nights for their bleu cheese potato chips)! To die for.



Meghan Banke


I want to take a trip to NYC so badly (or eventually live there), so I'll definitely keep these places in mind! 🙂


Quotable Quail

I definitely need to try some of the restaurants on this list! I have been to Doughnut Plant before and enjoy their doughnuts. You should try the following places: the Coffee Shop Restaurant, CIty Bakery, and Alice's Tea Cup. Serendipity is famous for their Frozen Hot Chocolate which is amazing and Alice's has great scones and a variety of teas!


we have the same move anniversary 🙂 i left connecticut exactly 6 months ago on aug 15th as well! love the whole lox tartine thing you have going on up there, definitely going to be recreating that.


My favorite italian restaurant is Patsy's located on W 56th Street, absolutely phenomenal food.

Hope you try it out sometime, enjoy!


Julia D.

I totally sent this post to a friend of mine who went to NYC for the first time recently and I'm really excited to hear about whether she went to any of the places you recommend. They all sound so wonderful!