My Favorites in the Kitchen

Now that I’m back in my routine, I am back in the kitchen more and more. I paused my Hello Fresh account and amped up my grocery shopping because I’m trying to eat a lot healthier. I’m still splurging on ice cream and the occasional sweet, of course, but I want my everyday meals to be as clean as possible. Anyway, a longer post about that will be coming up so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I wanted to talk about some of the little things in my kitchen that I use the most. (If you want to see my full list of kitchen essentials, check out this post.)

Kitchen Favorites

Brita Filter // I’m obsessed with my Brita filter. I had one in college that I kept in my dorm and then didn’t have one for a while. I can’t imagine going without one again. It’s definitely the “most used” product in the kitchen. I drink a TON of water during the day. I’m not afraid of tap water, but I’d rather be on the safe side. And I like storing the filtered water in the refrigerator, so it’s nice and cold when I pour a glass. I refill the pitcher frequently throughout the day and probably should invest in a larger one at this point!

Grill Pan // After watching a few meal prep videos on Youtube, I decided to buy a grill pan. I wasn’t sure if I’d use it that much since I already have a great set of pans. That said, it’s become my favorite pan. How did I get by without it for so long?!?! I can’t tell you how much easier it is to use the pan over firing up an actual grill. I’ve already been whipping up grilled chicken and can’t wait to try burgers and kebabs soon.

Milk Frother // Major confession. I got my dad a Nespresso machine for Christmas, and it came with a discounted frother as part of some promotion. I kept the frother for myself. 🙈 I use it a lot more than I originally thought I would. I mostly use it for “London Fog” tea drinks and most recently started using the frothed milk for matcha lattes too. It’s super simple to use and easy to clean, even though it looks complicated.

Tea Organizer & Perfectea Maker // As much as I love coffee, tea is becoming a regular part of my everyday routine. I drink at least two cups. One for energy in the afternoon and one at night to calm down. Sometimes I use tea bags, and other times I use loose tea. I just bought a tea organizer for my cabinet, and it’s a simple but amazing change. For loose tea, I love the Perfectea Maker from Teavana. (Which, side note, I just read is closing all their retail locations… SO SAD.)

Mini Tongs // And ending the round up with the MOST random things: mini tongs. Yes, I am a sucker for anything in mini form, but these are as useful as they are adorable. Tongs are just an overall useful tool to have in the kitchen. (Oh and the mini whisk is so cute too.)

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Hayleigh Shobar | Young Cosmopolite

I also have a milk frother and love it!! (If you want to try something reallllyyyyyyy splurge-y, I sometimes whip up coffee creamer and put that on top of my coffee for a sweet foam!). Thanks for the tip about those grill pans — sounds perfect for apartment living!


My husband made fun of me when I came home from the Container Store with a tea organizer one day. Now he thinks it’s the best thing in our kitchen! He ended up buying us a Nepresso organizer to go with it. Having the clutter of our everyday beverages contained somehow makes mornings better.

My parents have an entire drawer devoted to tea. It’s even organized by type- caffeinated, herbal, sleep inducing, for colds. It’s totally #goals.


It’s SUCH a small thing, but it really does feel better to have everything organized!


A Brita an a Grill Pan are must have items! Having a brita helps me drink more water throughout the day and a grill pan is so helpful if you live in an apartment and can’t have an actual grill or even if you do have a grill but need something a bit easier (especially during colder months)!

Taylor | http://www.livingtaylored.com


Could you please teach us how you make your matcha latte? It sounds absolute delish!

Marcella ryan

Carly, can you share with your readers where you found your darling shoes? The black and white flats are stunning!!


I have the Nespresso milk frother too and I love using it for my almond milk that I use in my coffee – amazing!

Tracy Lynn

I LOVE mini-tongs. With longer tongs, I don’t have the control that I need.

I bought a grill pan when my apartment complex banned grills and I never looked back. I love being able to grill sliders, veggies, or chicken kabobs ANY time I want.


Where did you get your grill pan? I look at them all the time and always talk myself out of buying one! Think I’ll go ahead and get one.


Omg I am OBSESSED with my Nespresso milk frother. It is a total game changer. I use it for cashew milk that goes into my coffee and match lattes. Deeeelish.

Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off

Love all of these! OMG I really want a milk frother, but it just feels so…unnecessary? But I drink matcha with almond milk every day and also herbal tea with almond milk every night, and I just feel like a frother would ELEVATE it. Hmmmmm


If you can wait until the holidays, they tend to have GREAT deals on the frothers… and they really do elevate your drinks. That Nespresso one warms your milk too 🤗

Claire P.

Would love to know your favorite “London Fog” type of recipes for tea! I’ve struggled to find one that turns out well!