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I don’t have a ton to report to you this week. It was mostly boring days sitting in front of my computer, working, and getting organized for the kick off of the “busy” season for blogging. A couple of highlights though:

– My workout classes have been going SO well. I felt like I was improving a lot and then hit a little bit of a plateau because of my travel schedule. When I got back from Nantucket, I made a promise to myself that I would kick back into full gear. Even though it’s only been two weeks, I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my strength and mood!

– I found an amazing doctor in Connecticut! I haven’t exactly been prioritizing finding a primary care physician, but I haven’t not been looking. It was a challenge to find a doctor who was accepting new patients and had available appointments within 90 days. Anyway, I found one and had a basic checkup. Everything looks good, and I even got through the blood draw without fainting (🙌🏻).

– This week’s episode of The Bold Type was the best so far. If you haven’t started watching it yet… you should. Speaking of TV. My guilty pleasure is back: DANCE MOMS. The show has started to spiral, but I can’t seem to stop watching it. And Chloe is coming back!! (I also finished a book and started two new ones this week, so I’m not wasting my life as a couch potato, I promise.)

One of my best purchases of the year is back in stock. It was sold out by the time I posted it on my blog this spring. I’m happy to report that Draper James restocked it and it’s currently still available in every size. This dress is as versatile as it comes and just as flattering. It’s made of this incredible stretchy fabric making it extra comfortable, too.

Draper James

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Princess Diaries 3

Meg Cabot said that there’s a script for Princess Diaries 3 and I can’t contain my excitement. When I work from home, I like to put on movies that I’ve seen a million times as background noise. Right now I’ve been alternating between the two Princess Diaries movies… even the soundtrack makes me happy. Hopefully, the third installment comes out sooner rather than later.

TWO // Zoella and Alfie’s ASOS Haul

Anyone else a Zoella fan?! She just put up a video where Alfie (her boyfriend) bought her outfits from ASOS. I was cracking up at the video. Those brown trousers killed me!!!

THREE // Reese Witherspoon’s Must-Read List

A friend from high school sent me this link with Reese Witherspoon’s reading recommendations. They all look great!!

FOUR // Limited Too Pop Up Shops

While I was more of a Gap Kids girl growing up, it was still exciting to see that there will be a few Limited Too Pop Up Shops in NYC next week. If you go, you have to let me know how it is!!!

FIVE // Cup of Jo House Tour

Cup of Jo is by far my favorite blog to read. The editor, Joanna Goddard, just did an apartment tour of their home in Brooklyn and wow. It’s gorgeous. (I’m very jealous of all that natural light.) What I most love about their house is that it’s not overly staged. It truly looks like a house that is well-loved.

SIX // Lilly’s Skipper Dress

This dress is seriously tempting me right now. This is Lilly’s popover in a dress form. I would love to have one to wear over a bathing suit at the beach or even when I leave the gym after showering. (The practical side of me says to go for the gray… but I also love the flamingo print!!!)

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I was so doubtful Princess Diaries 3 was ever going to be made! That just made my middle school heart happy. And you’re totally right, the soundtrack is always a good one to listen to, especially the song, “Supergirl”. 🙂


Supergirl HAHA SUCH A FAV! I love the songs with all of those “old” girls in that time period- Lindsay Lohan, Raven… such classics!!


Absolutely loved today’s blog post and absolutely love the Draper James dress!👗 (so cute!)

Just a thought, I was wondering if I could leave some blog post suggestions because there are so many different questions that I feel like I and other people have for you that could potentially be a blog post.

Have a fantastic Friday!😁


Carly, I think you missed the point of the reader’s question. She asks if she can give you some blog post ideas.


Thanks Janelle for clarifying for me and thank you Carly for your response. I will definitely make sure to send in some ideas.
PS: I’m the girl you responded to on Twitter today about Boys In the Boat 😊


I was so doubtful Princess Diaries 3 would make it too, but it sounds so much more promising!! Anne Hathaway is in my top fav actresses because her movies are SO incredible! (Looking at you The Intern and Devil Wears Prada!)
I’m just like you, Carly.. Those movies AND The Parent Trap are my all time, very favorite movies too. I have seen them a ridiculous amount of times and they make me go into that happy place everytime I rewatch! Love the soundtrack- my fav is Miracles Happen. Classic.
As for Limited Too, I had no idea they had started business again!!! That store was a girl’s dream growing up!


I just found Cup of Jo recently and I love her blog!! She keeps it real and authentic. Every Friday I love her fruit pictures she posts at the top of the post even though they remind me that summer cherries are going to be gone soon..


I am dying to try the Lilly Skipper dress. I have heard it may be coming in navy as well this fall!!!!(:

Becky H

I am LIVING for that flamingo print one, but navy is my jam! So many choices! Here’s hoping it’s in the After Party Sale soon!

Bridget | Amber Colored Roses

I am so stoked to have heard the news about the third Princess Diaries script! I knew a while ago that both Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews wanted to do one more movie! I REALLY hope that it brings back Nicolas because as much as in the first film I loved Michael I just feel like Mia and Nicolas get each other much more! Anyway enough about my theories!!

I am exited to read some of the books on Reese’s list! She had such good taste and quite a few of them sounded extremely interesting!

I always love reading our On My Radar posts! Glad to hear you are doing well and getting back into a routine after your time in Nantucket!


jordan @ dancing for donuts

i love putting on old movies and tv shows while i’m working, too! sometimes i’ll do music, but something about having something to look at (if i look up from my computer!) is nice 🙂 and i’m obsessed with the cup of jo house – so homey and cozy, but modern at the same time!


I shared the Skipper Popover dress in my blog post today too! It’s my designated dress for classes when I want to look cute but want to wear sweats! Such a great closet staple for early fall! It’s the comfiest thing I own!


It will be great if PD3 comes out–I feel like movies lately have been so-so. But I just hope its good! (though I probably will watch it anyways). And I’m so glad to know someone else my age watches Zoella–I really thought it was just me and every 12 -year-old on the planet