Silk Scarves

Over the past couple of years, I have grown a little obsessed with silk scarves. For being just simple squares of silk, they are so versatile. My favorite use for them is to tie them around my handbags. I tend to swap them out every few months depending on the season and occasionally switch one specifically for my outfit.

Below are some photos of how I style mine.



Scarf on Bag

Scarf Handbag


Bandana Styling

Gingham Scarf Hair How-to-Style-a-Neck-ScarfThe scarves in the photos are all sold out (sorry!), but definitely look through the ones I’ve rounded up. There are quite a few cute ones available right now. A few are tempting me… (I bought this French printed scarf a week ago, and it’s ridiculously cute in person.)

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I have been obsessed with these square scarves lately. My mom used to wear them growing up and they always looked to chic! I have been gathering different prints and patterns all year. They are such a fun addition to any outfit!

Taylor |

Taylor Kay

I love this! I actually just got a silk scarf and was really only planning to wear it tied around my neck or in my hair, but I LOVE the idea of tying it around my purse. I use the same purse all the time so that would be an awesome way to mix it up!

Taylor |


My mum is a huge silk scarf lover, and I’ve always wanted to raid her collection, but wasn’t sure how to pull them off without instantly looking like I wanted to steal her style. I love the idea of putting them on bags as an extra touch!

– Natalie

Shannon Mahaney

I love the way you style your silk scarves! I’ve always loved the way Audrey Hepburn wore them but I could never figure out how to incorporate it into my own wardrobe. Thank you for the inspiration!