Tuckernuck’s Summer Sale

You do NOT want to miss this sale. Tuckernuck is offering 25% off EVERYTHING on their site. (Yes, everything.)

Packable Bow

Packable Straw Hat  (now you can add a monogram to the ribbon too!)

Fireworks Earrings

Fireworks Earrings

Monogrammed Weekender

Weekender Bag

Navy Barbour

Navy Barbour

Sage Barbour

Sage Barbour

Sail to Sable Tunic

Sail to Sable Tunic Dress

Seersucker Dress

Seersucker Lace Up Dress

Straw Clutch

Straw Clutch (and you can add a monogram!)

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Hey Carly! About to experience my 1st Chicago winter (grew up in Georgia so I’m not used to the actual cold)- are these Barbours you linked good for winter? Or more of a light fall jacket? Thanks!


Along the same lines of Sarah’s question, I’m thinking about investing in my first Barbour, so which would you recommend? I like in TN, so I want something that I can wear as much as possible given our seasons. Thanks!


SO glad I saw this post in time!! I scored a Barbour quilted jacket that I’d had my eye on for a long time!!