My Makeup Routine

Because I spend so much time on my hair every morning, I tend to have a really quick makeup routine. I actually didn’t wear makeup until my senior year of high school. Unless I was going to a school dance, I really didn’t wear anything. (Actually, now that I think of it, I used some sort of MAC powder because I thought it was “cool.”) While on a school trip, one of the girls I was sharing a hotel room with put makeup on me. I think it was the first time I realized that makeup didn’t have to feel like a mask…. eventually I started wearing mascara… and then eyeliner… and slowly I had built a little routine. Oddly enough, I haven’t changed the routine in quite some time. It’s simple and easy and works for me.
As a disclaimer, this is typically what I wear on a regular day. If I’m feeling up for going out (!!!), I might wear eye shadow… might. I’m quite finicky with my eyes and they’re quite sensitive to begin with. They tear up spontaneously and I rub them all the time. (Horrible habit, I know.)
So here’s what I do for a normal day:
1. Apply Tinted Moisturizer | I love tinted moisturizer as opposed to foundation. It’s super light and blends in much better with skin. (If I need extra coverage for blemishes, I use this stick before applying the tinted moisturizer.) As with any type of lotion I use, I only use moisturizer with SPF. One really good thing about tinted moisturizer is that it’s pretty forgiving when it comes to the shade of your skin. For the most part, I’m pretty fair. But during the summer, I might get a shade or two darker just from being outside in the sun…. however, I can wear the same shade tinted moisturizer year round. For foundations, I have to have a summer shade and a winter shade, which gets annoying– especially if I’m in between.
2. Use Eyeliner | This is the one thing that I simply feel naked without. All you girls out there who look amazing without it… consider me jealous. Even if I’m rushing out of my apartment, I’ve likely used a little bit of eyeliner. Right now, I’m loving the Bobbi Brown eye pencil in hunter. It’s a nice dark green. I don’t like super black eyeliner, so this is a nice change from the browns/charcoals I typically lean towards.
3. Dust Bronzer Across Cheeks | If I use blush, I use a bright apricot shade. However, I typically go for a basic bronzer. I look sick if I don’t wear a little bit of bronzer, especially during the winter. I don’t go overboard or anything, just a hint of color on my cheeks where the sun would naturally add color (if I didn’t coat myself in high SPF all the time). I was using Cargo bronzer, but I finally got to the bottom of the pot. [Side Note: I’m not sure if that’s ever happened to me before!] I went to replace it, but Sephora doesn’t carry the brand anymore, so I opted for (surprise, surprise) Bobbi Brown bronzing powder. It is so natural. Most bronzers have “shimmer” in it, but this is super matte and natural.
4. Swipe Mascara | if I’m going to skip a step ever, it’s this one. I really am not into mascara. I like the way it looks, but I hate putting it on and I dislike not being able to rub my eyes! I have to say, I always buy whatever the cheapest tubes are in CVS. Expensive mascara makes my eyes burn, which seems counterintuitive, but oh well! I think right now I’m using an orange tube that says NYC on it. (I bought it while I was packing my room up to move to NYC…. #Iamlame.)
5. Add Some Color to Lips | Whether it’s tinted lip balm or the perfect shade of lipstick, I try to put something with a little color on my lips. Throughout the day, I’ll apply regular lip balm– I may or may not be addicted to Burt’s Bees. Starting off with a little color in the morning is the way I like it… by the mid morning, my lips are kind of stained, but it’s nice, light, and natural-looking.
What’s your morning makeup routine like?

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Woops haha 3 and 3 are switched! This is the same thing I do every morning you don't really need much more!


I really like that fresh faced look! And I am all about the cheap CVS mascara and burt's bees chapticks as well. Thanks for sharing your make-up routine!


Cargo bronzer was a favorite of mine, but I LOVE the Bobbi Brown bronzer! Again, I love that it doesn't have any shimmer and is so natural!


My routine is more or less like yours. I don't use any bronzer though! I really want to get into using eye shadows, but there's never enough time because I'm so slow at it!

Preppy Meets Redneck

Regarding your hair, have you considered permanently straightening it? In order to save time in the morning, I have been having mine done every 7 months for about 2 years now. I follow a similar makeup routine as you do, but as I only have one eye, getting my eyeliner right each morning is a significant challenge! I needed to save time somewhere and I have to use eye makeup to camouflage some of the damage, so I couldn't cut time out there. My hair is now wash and go and looks like I spent an hour drying it and straightening it.

Julia D.

I don't even wear makeup during the day, call me crazy! I really should though. I'll only do mascara and foundation/concealer if I'm going out.

Rachel's Journey

I do this almost exactly. If I'm desiring a bit more coverage, I use a translucent powder over my tinted moisturizer. It just adds a little more of a "done up" look for evening make up. Also, I almost always skip the mascara step. I hate how hard mascara makes my lashes! I have really thin eye lashes and I'm afraid the heavy mascara will break the little bit of lashes I do have, right off!