The Perfect Shade of Lipstick

I have finally found the most perfect shade of lipstick. I’ve really been searching for months. I went to the Bobbi Brown counter to pickup some of my favorite products and stumbled on this subtle shade. It’s not pink and it’s not too light. It really just enhances lip color as opposed to covering up and/or changing.
I was initially skeptical about calling this the perfect shade… because I think lipstick looks different on every person. However, both my mom and sister tried it and it was a hit. (Note: The three of us have three very different skin tones.)
I’m oh-so-happy with it!
What’s your go-to shade?

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It looks lovely. I might have to check it out too. lol, but my go to lipstick is Chanel Rouge coco shine (#54 Boy) it goes with every kind of makeup and it's just perfect.

Katie Gianelli

I'll have to check this out. I finally had given up on finding the perfect shade. What I do for a nude lip is use my Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette then top it off with Revlon's lipgloss in Peach Petal. It looks really nice but I may just give that up for this. And dangit I was in Sephora just yesterday lol


That's a pretty color, I'll have to check it out. I don't really use lip sticks, I just use EOS lip spheres haha. But if I do, I usually use Estee Lauder "Candy" lip stick. It's like a subtle pink color on me.

Julia D.

I really like mixing my MAC red lipstick and shimmery MAC pink gloss when I choose to put colour on my lips. My lips are naturally pretty red so I tend to go with berry-tones to highlight that and contrast against my pale skin.

Chai & Bri

I am going to have to try this. I would love to pull of a really bright red, but I prefer a more natural subdued look for every day life. So, it is hard to figure out exactly what color to go with.

Briana C.