Holiday Gifts under $50 (for guys!)

Did you think I was going to forget about the guys in our lives?! Whether it’s your dad, brother, cousin, significant other, or just friend… here you go!
(Seriously, I think shopping for guys is so hard. They’re picky and don’t like saying what they want. Girls, I think, are much better at expressing what they want!)
I kept most of the items under the “practical” and “masculine” categories. Things that are not girly, and that your guy will actually use. Year round. Hopefully.
(1) Printed Boxers, $18.50
(4) Flannel Pajamas, $45
(5) Ball Cap, $45
(6) iPhone Case, $45
(7) Knit Tie, $25
(9) Leather Flask, $42.50
(10) Shot Glasses, $38
What are you getting the guys in your life?

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The flask is a great idea! My fiancé actually asked for one for Christmas and I was shocked to find out how popular they really are for guys to want/have! They're so easy to personalize/engrave, too!


Oooh, thanks for this! I might get the flask for my boyfriend's dad, he's always saying he wants one… I'm getting my boyfriend a straight razor with a starter kit. 🙂 He's been talking about getting one for a year now lol