I’m (somewhat sadly) returning to Manhattan tonight. Spending a week at “home” was seriously just what I needed. I’ve (happily) neglected my inbox, watched more than a few hours of television, and spent lots of time with my family!
Per Heitlinger tradition, we spent the morning doing our hair and makeup for an afternoon photoshoot for our holiday cards. We take them very seriously. This year there was no crying– win. (Well, there were tears, but those were only because I’m so sensitive to the sun. We have some great outtakes.) Our Thanksgiving dinners are always super casual and this year we had some friends join us for dessert. We sat out on the porch for hours just laughing hysterically and relentlessly teasing one another. The whole day was perfect.
an outtake from our shoot
The weather cooperated completely and our porch dining tradition continued.
HUGE thank you to Elizabeth McKay for my new dress!!!!
Also tradition, I get stuck hanging the lights………. My mom has serious issues when it comes to me standing on a chair in precarious situations. Like the one time when I was on a chair, on a bed, to hang a lantern. And she was laughing instead of holding the legs steady. Oh yes, so funny.

For context, watch the first 30 seconds of this.
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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