My Most-Used Shower Products

I have never been one to have too many products in the shower. I only just started using conditioner somewhat recently even. Now that we’ve been largely social distancing and everything, I’ve really stepped up my shower game. I find it so therapeutic right now.

Thought I’d share some of the products I’ve been loving the most lately:

HEAD AND SHOULDERS SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER // it’s no secret how much I love Head and Shoulders Shampoo/Conditioner. I have used it for years and years and it’s the one thing that really helps control my scalp. I wash my hair three to four times a week and use H&S half the time.

DAE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER // On the other hair wash days, I like to mix it up with something a little more fun than H&S. I bought the DAE shampoo and conditioner during the Sephora sale this spring and I LOVE it. I was so curious about it, and will definitely repurchase. My hair is crazy soft when I use it– the conditioner is my favorite. And they smell candy-sweet. I don’t think the scent would be for everyone and I thought I didn’t like it at first… but I loved how the scent stays in your hair a bit even after you style it.

MEGABABE POWER SCRUB // Grace sent me a bottle of this before her Amazon clothing launch and… um it’s amazing. It smells so good and very beachy– like coconut sunscreen in a nostalgic way. (It makes me want a Pina Colada every time I use it!!) I LOVE using scrubs on my legs to exfoliate before shaving and this is a new favorite. Especially since I wear so much sunscreen during the summer, I’ll hop in the shower before going to bed just to scrub off the sunscreen with it.

OLAY BODY WASH // I received a few bottles of these for a campaign I did earlier this year and love the body wash. You know how certain scents bring back amazing memories? My best friend growing up had something that smelled exactly like this at her house so whenever I use it I feel like I’m at her house 😂

OLAY BODY CONDITIONER // This was also from the campaign and I had never heard of a body conditioner before… it’s a game changer though. A little bit goes a long way and your skin will never feel softer after using it. You’ll notice a difference right away– it’s better than lotion!

FRESH SOY CLEANSER // If you have read my blog for half a second you know how much I live and die by this cleanser. It’s just the best for my skin and Mike even loves it. I keep a bottle of it in the shower and wash my face with it every time I shower. It also removes makeup so I don’t end up looking like a horror movie character (aka mascara running everywhere) when I get out.

TULA SO POLISHED SUGAR SCRUB // A new-to-me scrub– I always have a face scrub of some sort in the shower with me. Tula sent me this one and it’s, like the other products above, very beachy. Smells EXACTLY like a Pina Colada! (Sensing a theme right now? Clearly I am dreaming of the beach, ha!) This one is nice, particularly for the shower because the scrub dissolves as you rub it in so it’s not super abrasive.

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Thanks for sharing as always! Consider Dr Bronner’s liquid soap for body wash, it’s biodegradable, ethically sourced and produced, a clean formula and all the scents are bright; one bottle will last you 6-9 months.


It was built into our shower when we moved in! I think it’s just your standard corner shower shelf though!


Is the Tula only for face? I just ordered from MegaBabe and I’m bummed I removed the body scrub at the last minute! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


It’s made for the face but could totally be used for body too. But it might not last as long as the “scrub” is sugar and dissolves pretty quickly!


How did you get the pumps for the dae products? I love their conditioner too but it’s hard to get out to the bottles!


They’re definitely “slow pumps” but it hasn’t been an actual issue for me!


Which razor do you use? I fell into the trap of buying a Billie and strongly dislike it! I can’t seem to find anything better than a men’s razor, although they give me terrible razor burn most of the time.


Thanks for sharing, Carly! Would love to see more about your Kristin Ess/curly hair recs