Cute Sunglasses Chains

One trend I can fully get behind this summer: sunglasses chains. I can’t seem to get enough about them. They’re cute AND practical. And honestly I’m kind of here for the granny chic situation. You can use them for sunglasses & eyeglasses and I’ve also seen a bunch of people using them to hold face masks too (which I think is pretty brilliant).

I bought mine from J. Crew and truly love it. I have to admit that I bought it for aesthetic only… and now that I have it? I use it for the function. It’s just so handy.

Rounding up a few more that are just as cute. (If you’re in for a hunt, try Etsy– so many unique ones there.)

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KJP has some cute rope ones too! Love the ones you rounded up, never thought to look at Etsy.


I just bought some from KJP and am waiting for them to come in. I need them for golf and water sports!

Swapna King

I bought a set from Amazon, but my contacts are on backorder, so I have not got to use it on my ray-bans. It is so adorable for sure. I love all the different options. I never thought about using with my mask! That is a great idea!! Need to find your sunglasses, love the style!


I am facing many problems in my eyesight. I like your chain to save my eyes from the Sunshine which is very harmful to my eyesight