Diary No. 35

The past two weeks flew by. I’ve been so fascinated with perception of time during the past few months. While this seems like one of the longest years I’ve ever experienced, I’m simultaneously mind-blown that we’re already halfway through. Anywayyyy– here’s what my camera roll has looked like over the past two weeks!

We came home after our week in Upstate New York to a bunch of flowers. thredUP sent us a bunch of peonies and it was so sweet of them. The peonies thrived… I only just had to say goodbye to them. Love the pop of color they added to our kitchen.

I did a partnership with Scrub Daddy… they sent this giant box filled with sponges and no joke it was like Christmas for me. Working with brands I’m already passionate about (and, yes, I’m passionate about these sponges 😂) is always an easy “yes” for me.

This t-shirt dress is way on sale right now and one of the comfiest things I bought this summer. I was on the hunt for an unfussy t-shirt dress and this is IT.

We originally wanted to try to do built-ins on this wall of our family room, but it isn’t deep enough on the left side due to our back door. I’m thinking of doing a DIY on these bookshelves I have had for years and painting everything but the shelves white… or replacing them all together. Every time I watch TV I mentally daydream how to make those bookshelves match better ha! (Also, I splurged on these embroidered pillows for our swivel chairs and really love them.

We had Mike’s sister and brother in law over last week to watch Hamilton. Our plan was to watch outside, but we had a HUGE thunderstorm roll through. We still tried to do it when the rain passed, but I realized too late that Disney+ can’t be streamed from a phone connected to the projector. (I learned that you can do it– you just need to plug in a device like an AppleTV straight into the projector.) It was fun in theory though 😂 Mike and I found a great way to hang a sheet on the back of our house and it’s PERFECT for viewing. (Obviously the grill would be moved ha!)

Fourth of July looked different this year for a handful of reasons. To be perfectly honest, I was not in the mood to celebrate. Mike golfed and I had the whole afternoon to myself (something my introverted-self really cherishes now in the time of coronavirus!). At the very last minute, I decided to go to a local farm for PYO strawberries. I didn’t want to just sit at home and needed something I could safely do. It was the loveliest afternoon. Maybe one of my favorites since the beginning of March. I listened to an audiobook for a couple of hours and just enjoyed being outside while doing something “productive.”

As a result, I had so many strawberries for strawberry shortcake!!! I got in a bad habit of making one every mid-afternoon… whoops. No regrets though– it tastes like summer.

An always mood 😝

Peak summer weather lately with temps nearing 100 and lots of thunderstorms. Whenever I’m at my parent’s house in Florida and we get an afternoon thunderstorm (aka every afternoon in Florida), my mom and I make stovetop popcorn. Something so cozy about it!

A tiny Peloton update because I keep getting questions about whether or not it’s worth it. Mike bought the Peloton and is the person who uses it the most (pretty much every day) because he loves the workouts. It’s not my favorite workout, mostly because I just get too damn sweaty ha! It is a “nice to have” though I wouldn’t have purchased it myself since spinning isn’t my #1 workout of choice. I haven’t used it that much but I will say that when I do, I always feel like I get a great workout!


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Hi Carly,
I just moved to a new house and had a similar issue with not being able to do built-ins due to wall depth issues. I was really disappointed because I love the look of built-ins. We ended up buying these cool Ikea bookcases and I am really happy with them. They are neat because you can put all of the books you just want to store on the bottom and then more decorative ones on top. The picture online shows two bookcases put together, but you can assemble them so they are separate.


I just wanted to say that your picture with the bookshelves is very aesthetically pleasing, even if they are not white. It allows the picture on the wall to really pop! So even if they aren’t white, I think they look great in that room as-is. Also, they kind of meld with the chairs so the black is vert non obtrusive, if you choose to keep them that way.


I agree! I think your living room looks amazing! I truly would not change a thing.


Hi, Carly! I love the picture in your living room. Is it something you took on a trip or did you find it online?


I’m pretty sure she actually has a Samsung Frame TV! Not sure where the picture she displays on it is from though.

sabrina fay solomon

Since it’s not your forever house…
What about the bookcases, tv stand and bridge from IKEA
I relented and did this at our old place because my husband and I could not agree on anything and the space was narrow
I actually didn’t hate them!
The hemnes or liatorp would work well …And you may even be able to have a carpenter add molding for a built in feel
And if you don’t love it, it’s not a huge $$ waste

Emma Little

Carly – If you decide to paint those bookshelves I definitely recommend buying a paint sprayer. Home Right on amazon has a great one that I bought this Spring. It makes a much nicer finish on any furniture you paint and it takes no time at all! They are around $100? You’ll love it. It’s a new crafting essential for you!