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This week was a bit tougher than previous weeks. My anxiety about coronavirus is back in full force. I think I had mentally prepared to get through June with restrictions and I had hoped we would be in a different position as a country. Knowing it’s already July and we’re going in the opposite direction we should be going feels disheartening to say the least. If there was any doubt just how important voting is and how important elected officials are (from a local to a national level), we’re getting a major dose of reality for how leadership (or lack thereof) can affect EVERYONE.

I bought a new rug for my office and I am just thrilled with it!

ONE // Hamilton on Disney+

Without a doubt, the highlight of the past week has been Hamilton on Disney+. I was lucky enough to see Hamilton twice on Broadway and I am not going to lie, I preferred watching the recorded performance. The first time I saw the show, I didn’t know the lyrics because I wanted to go into the show “blind” and it goes so fast that I missed a lot of it. The second time was way better, but the audience still did a lot of cheering when actors entered the stage so you miss a lot too. I LOVE that on the recording of it you get to see close ups of the actors. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. And I freaking love that you can go back and watch it a thousand times. I keep pulling it up to watch my favorite scenes over and over again. I also wanted to share that if you have a Verizon unlimited account you can get Disney+ for free for a year!

TWO // Fresh Soy Cleanser Pump

Exciting news for fellow fans of the Fresh Soy Cleanser. It’s now available in A PUMP! It’s 13.5 ounces (the next biggest one that I usually stock up on is only 6.7 ounces). I am really a fan of anything that comes in a pump and plan on getting two– one for our sink and one for our shower. Mike and I both agree: it’s the best cleanser ever.

THREE // New Funnelneck

J. Crew just released another funnelneck pullover. This one has wider stripes and is available in blue/white and pink/white. The large rugby stripes seem very old-school to me and it looks very comfortable!

FOUR // The Babysitters Club Cast

Did anyone else binge the new Babysitters Club on Netflix? I have been a big fan of BSC since I was a kid and read every book (including the Little Sister series) and every show and movie. Looking back, I think it shaped so much of my adolescence– I started babysitting when I was in the fifth grade and did it until I graduated college. Anyway, I wanted to watch the new series, even if it was created for kids. I’m glad I did– it was so well done. Very nostalgic but also incredibly modern. The show covered everything from periods to protesting! The cast was great!!

FIVE // Yo-Yo Ma & Raffi

“Baby Beluga” was one of our most played cassette tapes when we were kids. For the 40th anniversary (!!!) of the song, Raffi and Yo-Yo Ma did a duet together!!! Makes my heart happy 🥰

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Oh, I’m so delighted by the Yo-Yo Ma and Raffi collaboration! Two people I never would have thought to hear together, but I love them both.


reading the news on CNN from over here in Germany makes me so, so sad. The way that things seem to change for the worse and the unheard pleas by renowned scientists to please address this on a national level make me cringe. We have a lot of friends in the US and have traveled your country quite a lot. It is devastating to see and I can imagine that you and many others get more and more anxious about this. But I do feel that way sometimes, too, *although* the numbers are much better over here. Our government does take this pandemic much more seriously without a doubt, but there are a lot of people who do not. Masks are mandatory in public transport over here but there are a lot of people who just ignore that. There are regulations, but they are not enforced and people are not even fined. So in the end I guess the governmental response is one thing but the people have to behave responsible as well. And this is where nearly every western capitalist country seems to fail (apart from New Zealand and a few countries in northern Europe). People seem to be much more worried about their next vacation, a shopping trip, a visit to a crowded bar that about staying healthy and protecting others. If I had one wish come true right now it would be that societies all around the world change their egoistic approach so that we can really overcome this. And until then, I will stay at home, limit contacts and continue to do the best that I can to help others.

Adria Levin

Just a note to clarify that while it may seem that your numbers are lower when you look at the overall picture – population – Germany – 83.02 million. Population – United States 328.2 million – just saying.


Lol. You lost me at CNN. Read a real news source, not some left-wing propaganda.


I appreciate you acknowledging what a mess things are – I feel like people are sick of talking about it so are just ignoring it, but that certainly isn’t helping!


I watched Hamilton twice this past weekend and watched the whole season of babysitters club in one day! I loved reading the BSC books as a child and even started my own baby-sitters club lol

Alexa Marsh

I completely relate to your feelings of anxiety. It is so distressing and upsetting to see the surge in cases when we were all hoping that by mid summer there would be downward trend. I hope you are doing well despite what is going on, and thanks for sharing your recent finds and favorites!


Someone who grew up on Raffi and who is now raising her own little beluga…that Raffi collab made me tear up! His new verse for grown-ups is just all of the things and feelings right now.


We are responsible for our own actions and cannot control others. A sense of entitlement is extremely widespread and noticeable. Maybe this is why this happened worldwide vs. an isolated area. I reside in SC and know of people who have tested positive and are on leave from work getting paid but yet still go out to restaurants and bars. (Symptomatic) We now have a mask mandate but our local government says its hard to enforce. Could the fines be more and how much money could they make. The unemployment benefit is a prime example of governmental screw up along with allowing multi million dollar businesses to bank on benefits that they don’t have to pay back to the government. Who’s paying for it. Middle Class. Ask yourself what are the laws of bankruptcy in Florida vs New York and your personal home. Think about it and you’ll see why someone now resides in Florida. Anyway, if you had TB and were out and about they would lock you up so why a deadly disease cant be treated the same. What it comes down to is Health vs Money. So sad so so sad.
Carly just remind yourself everyday you are in the best place ever vs. five years ago and I for one am very happy for you.


I also binged the Baby-Sitters Club! I thought it was surprisingly really well done for a “kids” show (though I feel like most of the viewers are probably people like us who grew up reading the book series rather than actual children, haha). The young actors were all terrific, and they did a great job of modernizing the story while still making it feel true to the original books. I also really appreciate that they casted age-appropriate actors instead of people in their 20s playing high school students.


I’m sorry that you’re so anxious about a virus that is mild in nearly 98% of cases worldwide. Also, mentioning politics in your blog is rather bold. You are of course welcome to voice whatever you like since it is your platform, however, I know I am not the only one experiencing political fatigue here but I may be the only one who mentions it here in your comments. The overkill stint with LP, among other things, is starting to turn me away from your content. You will receive praise from people with your perspective but not everyone feels that way. Also, I find it a little odd that someone who works from an $800,000 home and hasn’t really been affected by the shut downs feels that they really have a place to complain? I mean, yeah, sure, you can stay home and want things to shut down but don’t forget that there are many people out there who will still need to work to make that possible, whether it be anyone involved in delivering your groceries, Amazon workers, or delivery people. You are really out of touch. I usually stick up for you in your comment section when people are unjustifiably rude but I really felt the need to get this off of my chest.

Lori Barnes

Your first paragraph encapsulates my thoughts exactly. The fact we are in July and trending downward is so sad. We were planning a big move out of the country this year and that’s not gonna happen! Your posts help me a lot – carry on Carly!


I think we all hate that this unprecedented nightmare isn’t over yet, but buried in all the co fusing stats is the fact that the mortality rate is way down. More cases for sure, but also more immunity for those who’ve had it. All is not lost. We miss you on Nantucket where life goes on – with masks and social distancing – and very few cases. I’ve chosen to ignore the news this summer, take my precautions and live my life .. here on the island. It’s all in the perspective!


I never thought when Corona started in March that it would still be a problem in July. Some states opened too early and didn’t enforce wearing a mask. Hopefully, people are now taking it seriously.


I need to find some child and hubby-free time to watch the BSC series. I was OBSESSED as a kid and even begged my parents to go to LA when they were filming the movie. As a fun twist of fate, the actor who played Logan Bruno in the movie was a groomsman in our wedding. I also got to interview Schuyler Fisk (who played Kristy) for my music podcast years ago.


I feel very similar to you, Carly. My husband works in politics and we are both very interested in it and agree with you completely.

I turned on BSC on Netflix and I’m so glad I’m not the only one who watches nostalgia. I LOVED Alexa and Katie on Netflix. I cry so many episodes and the mom is Kelly from Saved by the Bell!


I finally watched Hamilton last night, and turned the closed caption on so that I didn’t miss any of the lyrics.