My Vest Picks

You know time of year it is? Vest season! We’ve been having the most perfect weather where it’s warmish with a slight chill in the air. As cute as vests are, they actually are practical and serve a purpose. I also find them so much easier to wear than a coat that you have to slip on and off. A vest keeps your core warm and can complete your outfit at the same time.

Furry Vest

J. Crew Vest // Ruffle Sleeve Shirt // Jeans // Shoes // Handbag (c/o)

I think this plush vest is my current favorite. It was the first “fall” piece I pulled out this year because I was just so excited to wear it. The one I have is from a couple of years ago and this year’s version might be slightly different… it’s hard to tell. The general vibe is certainly the same! More vests that I either have or have my eyes on. I don’t think I’m going to buy a new one this year, so you’ll definitely see some of my old ones in rotation through the colder months!

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Vests are the best! My boyfriend calls it Han Solo season when the vests come out. 🙂 I’m totally okay with that considering vests are always cute and practical!


You might even say it’s a good inVESTment to buy one!

(I’m sorry, I had to! I can’t let a good pun go unsaid!)

I love all the options! I’m really drawn to the navy ones, so versatile!

Mari Lentini

Where are you in this photo? It’s absolutely stunning and I love the cohesion between your outfit palette and the backdrop!