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I had to check my calendar and phone to make sure it’s actually time to write On My Radar. The highlight of my week was meeting Reese, and maybe I just rode the high of that all week, but I can’t even really remember what I did all week.

I realized that I didn’t share this photo when I did my little recap post earlier this week. I got to meet Sydney from 5 Hens and a Cockatiel. This spring, Sydney sent me the sweetest email I think I’ve ever received. She had created an entire series of an American Girl doll dressed as me. I can’t even tell you how unreal the photos are; she nailed every single detail of the outfits. (Here’s an example!)

She was in NYC last week and we got together for a coffee one rainy afternoon. I’m so impressed with her and her passion for photography, which she turned into a full-time job. She also brought “Mini Carly” and had me sign her foot, a tradition a la Toy Story.

5 Hens and Cockatiel

Okay, here’s what is on my radar this week:

ONE // Behind the Cover

Maya Rudolph was on the cover of New York Times Magazine and they released a quick video of how they did the cover. It blew my mind. It’s a photograph shot by Alex Prager of a painting of Maya by her Alex’s sister Vanessa Prager… but with the real Maya mixed in. You have to watch because it’s seriously creative and beautiful!

TWO // Fringed Mules

Check out these adorable mules from Talbots. Priced just right, the style couldn’t be more “in” this fall, while still having a timeless charm about them.

THREE // Senior Class IDs

Okay, is this not the best school tradition? The entire senior class, including faculty, dresses up as different characters for their school IDs. The costumes are so good and it seems like a really great memory for everyone involved. (Can’t you just imagine trying to describe the character you chose to your kids 20 years later?)

FOUR // Bow Heels

Apparently, I’m having a shoe moment. How beautiful are these bow ribbon heels? I think they feel very “Gucci” without the hefty price tag.

FIVE // Mary Poppins Trailer

Okay, I was excited about the new Mary Poppins movie, but now I REALLY can’t wait to see it. The trailer was just released (not just the quick teaser) and it seems like they did a great job continuing the series. It’s not a remake of Mary Poppins, but a sequel based on the second book. And Lin Manuel Miranda is in it!!!


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brigid Devney-Rye

I was just thinking about the AG doll that Reese created for you the other day and here it is! So nice to see the creator, she is adorable and so talented!


Question about that J Crew vest…I know you got it last year, and I waited too long and missed it. However, if you look at the “fur” quality of this seasons, it seems not quite the same. Have you seen it in person, do you agree?


I never say no to a bow, and those bow ribbon heels and gorgeous and still very sophisticated even with the bow. I’m so excited for Mary Poppins too! I loved how they a Winnie the Pooh sequel with Christopher Robin, it was very well done, so I have high hopes for this Mary Poppins sequel.

Shannon Mahaney

I really enjoyed watching the Behind the Cover video on Maya Rudolph. That is so cool how they achieved the final cover!


So excited about the Mary Poppins trailer! I honestly didn’t love the first movie as much as I feel other kids did, but Disney really seemed to bring their best to this one- cast and all! Also love the Maya Rudolph cover and how people can get so creative!


Did you see Sam Edelman Halton Pumps in the black and red plaid? They look like a great holiday shoe! Great round up as always Carly!