My Wedding Hair and Makeup

We all did our own hair and makeup for the wedding, Even if we hadn’t been trying to limit the number of people due to COVID, I still would have wanted to do my own makeup though I probably would have opted for a hair stylist. Getting my makeup professionally done is so, so hit or miss. Sometimes even if I like the actual look of the makeup, I just don’t “feel” like myself and I really just prefer a more natural look.

I was a little nervous about my hair– especially since our wedding was going to be in the backyard and my hair is v sensitive to the environment. We lucked out with zero humidity so ultimately there wasn’t an issue!

my nightgown


I actually just did my regular hair routine. I did a blow out with my Dyson and then curled loose waves with my wand (here’s how I do it).


My makeup was pretty much my regular makeup routine too– I just added eyeshadow and false eyelashes I bought on a whim from the drug store. I was nervous to use the false eyelashes because getting both to look great can be so hard. I was sweating 😆 I did have to peel one off and restart but ultimately figured it out.

Foundation: Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation

Bronzer: Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder “Stonestreet”

Blush: NARS Blush “Orgasm”

Eyebrow: Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper “Mahogany”

Eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow (exact palette sold out) but similar shades: Bone + Blonde + Burnt Sugar

Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil “Demolition”

Mascara: Bobbi Brown Smoky Eye Mascara

Lip Liner: Charlotte Tilbury “Pillow Talk”

Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury “Pillow Talk”

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Thank you so much for the post! I’m hoping to do my own hair and makeup for my wedding and I thought yours turned out great!


I can totally relate to you about professionally-done makeup. I’ve thought about this a lot, and figured that when I get married I will also want to do my makeup myself, to feel 100% myself and comfortable. I’m also all for very natural makeup vs. dramatic makeup on my wedding day so this checks out!
You did your hair so pretty, love it 🙂
Have a great Sunday Carly! x

Julia x
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You are seriously a natural beauty Carly! Totally agree on makeup artists. I always like how I look as a concept but I often don’t feel like myself. I love that you did something low key and responsible.


Absolutely beautiful, Carly! I’m also having an intimate wedding and planning on doing my own hair and make-up. Thanks for the inspiration!