Diary No. 39

It’s been a few weeks since I did a diary post! But I’m going to be back on the every two weeks cycle now that I have no more secret weddings up my sleeve. (Ha!)

Tired dogs = happy dogs. We try to avoid the park the day after a rainstorm, but sometimes we’re all just itching to get out and we brace ourselves for filthy pups! Ted and Ham absolutely prefer the wet ground– they’ll both roll around until they’re covered head to tail.

Historically, I was never a huge fan of sunflowers (they used to give me major Anne Geddes baby photography vibes), but they’ve really grown on me. They have been super on sale at Whole Foods so it’s fun to stock up on a few bunches at a time to brighten up tabletops.

Our fence!!!! It’s been such a thrill to have our fence installed. I was slightly worried that it would make our already small backyard feel smaller… but we lucked out. Our property line was actually about six feet further than we thought so it made it feel bigger?! Crazy!

We had Mike’s brother and sister over for a seafood dinner outside. It’s always fun to dress the table up a bit even if it’s just a casual dinner. These champagne coupes, by the way, are to die for. Highly recommend.


When Carter came to shoot our wedding, it was the first time I had seen her since MARCH. As much as *I* missed her, little Hamilton was freaking out that he was reunited with his friend!!

Somehow I forgot to include this picture in our honeymoon roundup, but I just loved this view from our deck.

When we got back from our honeymoon, I had a GIANT box waiting for me at home… this beautiful basket dog bed!!! They gifted the bed for Teddy and Hamilton (this is a medium) and, well, it’s the cutest!! So many gorgeous designer fabrics to choose from. I put it in our sunroom for now because it’s where our Peloton bike is and they love to hang out there while we ride!

We have been having the absolute most glorious weather. Mike and I sat outside all day working the other day and it felt amazing.

Finally reunited with Elsa! 👯‍♂️ We met up at Sunday Motor, which has a bunch of outdoor seating and chatted for hours. We text every day, but there’s nothing better than being in person!! Still had so much to catch each other up on!

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Ally Kmiecik

I love your diary posts Carly! I am so happy that you’re getting some time to relax post-wedding and catch up with freinds you haven’t seen in forever 🙂 You deserve it! Have a wonderful week.