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I spent all week getting back into the swing of things after taking off a week to celebrate our wedding and honeymoon. I came back feeling so rested and recharged… and pretty much on CLOUD NINE. Plus, it also felt so much like fall all week. With the wedding on my mind for all of July/August, it’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we’re already halfway through September? Fall officially starts next week?!?! How! I don’t hate it though– I thought I’d dread the cold weather but we’re going to lean in hard to a hygge-style lifestyle.

This week was largely focused on getting back on top of emails and work projects, and this weekend I think I’m going to re-tackle my closets and start switching over to cold weather stuff. Oh, and our basement needs some major love.

Can we just talk about this September light?! I walked into town the other day to get a hazelnut coffee and bagel. It was 55 degrees and simply perfection.

Here’s what has been on my radar:

ONE // JoJo Siwa and JoJo on Growing Up in the Entertainment Industry

I’m fascinated by JoJo Siwa– I think she has done such an incredible job building her career and it blows my mind that she’s only 17. I loved this interview she did with JoJo. It’s kind of an unexpected combo, but they have a great conversation together!

TWO // Raffia Pumpkins

These raffia pumpkins from Target are so, so cute. They’re selling out like crazy so you may have to track them down in a store versus buying online. (I bought a couple and the order was sadly canceled… but I haven’t given up hope.) I love that they are neutral pumpkins and more fall than Halloween. You could totally keep these out right up through Thanksgiving.

THREE // Madras Masks

I am going to start making some fall-esque masks for the season and I’m getting major inspiration from these adorable pink madras ones from J. Crew! Love the pattern mixing.

FOUR // 16 and Recovering

MTV has a new four-part documentary called 16 and Recovering. The series follows teenaged students at their recovery-based high school. I think this is such an important topic for everyone– so many people are affected by addiction in one way or another (either themselves, family members, friends, their community, etc.).

FIVE // Fundraiser for Feeding America

Ashley created the most darling collection shirts and sweatshirts to fund raise for Feeding America. 100% of the proceeds from the shirts are going straight to Feeding America to provide meals for people at risk of hunger across the U.S. I love the designs!!

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I wrote legislation for a recovery high school!!!!!! Thank you for sharing, I don;t have MTV on my radar anymore.

Have you watched the Social Dilema? I am curious to hear your thoughts (I rewatched Audrey and Daisey a few weeks back and then watch the Social Dilemma this week)