Oh jeez, I may have gone overboard with photos for this post but I couldn’t narrow them down. It was such a treat to shoot with my friend Georgie a bunch while we were visiting. She grew up on Nantucket and knows all the ins and outs of the island! She is also a very, very talented photographer (highly recommend booking her for family, maternity, engagement, or wedding shoots!). Not to mention she’s just an all around quality person. I met her for the first time last year and we instantly clicked. Loved going for walks with her and shooting content for fun and sharing photography/social tips. So anyway, you can see why I had a hard time narrowing down the photos for this post. She just took the best ones– especially with Jack. I cherish them!

I also loved how our outfits coordinated together. Someone recently asked if I purposefully do it and I would say that it’s not not on purpose 🤣 Both of our closets are heavy on blue so it’s easy to do and then, well, I don’t like to clash? Judge away… 🤪 Every mom of boys tells me there will be a stage where all they want to wear is athletic shorts, so you know what? I’m taking advantage of this short window while I can!

Finding “nursing friendly” dresses has been quite the challenge. I mostly stick to smocked dresses I can pull down or shirt dresses that unbutton… but this one is such a hidden gem!!! There is a zipper and it fully unzips to the first tier for plenty of easy access. I scooped it right up because it feels like a normal summer dress and I’ve certainly missed a good chunk of my existing summer wardrobe between being pregnant last summer and nursing this summer.

Jack wants to walk, but we’re a little bit away from him doing it independently. He just wants to go, go, go!

Dress // Sandals

Jack’s Polo // Jack’s Shortalls // Jack’s Shoes


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Janice Minuto

Love the Nantucket ambiance, the clothes are lovely and stylish. Nice to see, especially after The Covid Express fashions.