Navy + Pink

Of course, I am quite a fan of the pink and green combination, but lately I’ve been gravitating towards navy and pink. This is partly due to the fact that a good portion of my closet is actually navy. It’s a super easy color-combo! (And fun!!!)
[Fun Fact: when I was having my blog redesigned two years ago, the original plan was for it to be navy and pink, but I changed it to green last minute!]
This has been one of my go-to outfits for the weekend. The three-inch chino shorts are definitely a staple right now for my attire. I would seriously wear my hot pink pair every day of the week if it was socially acceptable. If I’m hanging around campus or spending the day in the library, I’ll opt for an easy navy v-neck. (If I’m running errands and outside of the campus gates, I typically switch the tee for a Lacoste polo for a little more put together look.)
I also had fun designing a Navy + Pink monogrammed May Books notebook!!! How cute is it? Seriously, picking out the patterns, playing with the colors, and deciding on a monogram style on the website is a lot of fun. (Almost too much fun… I can never make a final decision!)
Who else is a fan of the navy and pink combination?

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Navy and pink really is a great combination! I've been eyeing a pair of the Soludos, and you really can't beat the price.


Could you do a blog post about how to style chino shorts? They are rapidly becoming even more popular at my school. I'm in high school so maybe some looks that aren't super high fashion-y/still wearable/cute. (:


OMG. I just bought those neon pink chino shorts from JCREW and that JCREW classic navy v-neck!! OMG!!! great minds think alike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!