Life has been pretty crazy over here in the best possible way. But I swear on busy days I find myself reaching for my tried and true neutrals that I have in my closet. I know it’s boring and far from groundbreaking but walking out the door feeling good no matter what the day brings is what I’ve been craving.

Tippi Sweater

I have a small collection of Tippi sweaters (black, navy, grey, and camel) and they’re just overall great. They’re more like a thin sweater or a thicker t-shirt, making it great for all seasons, but even summer. Here’s an older post with one of my favorite ways to wear it in a work-appropriate way. I think these sweaters are totally one of J. Crew’s cult classics.

Carly the Prepster  J. Crew Tippi Sweater

And I just have to call attention to these shoes yet again. They are so good. Like walk miles in the city with no blisters or foot pain. I think they may just become my favorite and most-worn shoes of the summer. They aren’t the cheapest shoe but the quality is so high for the price and you’ll reach for them again and again.

Carly Heitlinger

West Village NYC

Sweater // Jeans // Shoes (c/o) // Similar Tote // Similar Scarf

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Hi Carly! I adore this look and agree that wearing your “uniform” type outfits just gives the best confidence for any day. Quick question for you, how do you launder the Tippi sweaters to keep them looking their best over the years?

Love from Canada!
Rana xo


I rewear them a few times and then dry clean. Sometimes I’ve spot treated at home and then just lay flat to dry!


I’ve thought about buying a Tippi sweater before, but they’re dry clean only. Do you dry clean after every wear, or is there a way to stretch out uses? Can you hand wash them? Just generally would love a post on how you launder wool sweaters.


same question! i recently bought one and have dry cleaned it once after a couple wears but feels like a hassle.


I love Tippi sweaters too, but am always deterred from getting more because of the dry cleaning requirement. Do you dry clean yours every time? I want more, but with DC swamp temps, it’s totally unrealistic to dry clean every time!


I love this simple, chic look, Carly!! Not every outfit needs to be groundbreaking, and I love this for that. My motto is as long as I feel confident and good in my skin when getting dressed, that is all that really matters, and most of the time, a simple outfit is all it takes 🙂

xx Libby

Dani Kennedy

Merino wool, lake cashmere, is washable. I have washed mine for years.