New Chapter

So I may or may not be officially freaking out right now.
(Truth: I am.)
One of my best friends from Tampa is ENGAGED!
Susanna (known as Bebe in some old College Prep posts) is seriously one of the sweetest people I know.  I love her so much and I am so so so excited for her.  I am a little concerned for all the guys from our high school… every single one of their dreams to marry Susanna have been squashed.  (Susanna was very much that girl that everyone loved.)
We went to different elementary schools, but became fast friends in middle school.  We’ve been on a ton of school trips together (Italy, Nashville, Chicago, San Antonio, Philadelphia… and I think a few more that I can’t even remember!).  We have spent so many nights together up late gossiping and watching movies.  Everything.
My favorite time that we spent together though was after our eighth grade dance.  We went to her family’s condo at the beach and watched television and movies all day.  We literally woke up the next morning and didn’t move until dinner.  And we would have stayed in her room through dinner, but her mom made us get out!  It was one of those days where the most mundane thing ended up being absolutely perfect.
SO beautiful!
On a class trip to Nashville for a yearbook conference.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the two of us.  (Actually my favorite picture was taken a moment before this one, but we lost control of the dolly and our faces are hilariously embarrassing.)

I can’t wait for the wedding!
Note: I’m also freaking out because this means I’m actually old enough to have friends getting married.  WHOA.  When did this happen???  I still act weird and crazy around boys…. BAH!!!


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So fun! Just attended my best friend's wedding last weekend and it was so amazing and beautiful! (And emotional! hehe} What a fun time!!


I'm at the stage where my Friends are beginning to have BABIES! So crazy. Congratulations to Susanna! Such a fun time for her.


Girl, I know how weird it feels to be at that stage of knowing people getting married. I was a bridesmaid for the first time this past summer and MAN, that was strange. It's CRAZY! Congrats to your friend, though. 🙂 That's fantastic!

Lacey Marie

You two are both so precious! The first friend to get engaged is SO much fun! By the time the 8th friend rolls around(hello, 27th year of my life!), it's like "Seriously?… I'll send you a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card and let's be done with it already!" 😉 Congrats to your lovely friend!


Hey! I just discovered your blog and wanted to let you know that I'm addicted! I love your style suggestions and your great attitude. You also have a really lovely conversational writing voice : ) This particular post made me laugh because I got married last summer… and I'm about to graduate from college now too! So I'm in a semi-similar situation to you. It's crazy awesome being married and a student! Anyway, good luck with finals and grad dress picking!