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Today I’m really excited to introduce one of College Prep’s newest sponsor, Froggy Bottoms.
These clogs are cute. Whenever Soccer Mom forces me to help her outside with planting things (surprisingly, her thumb gets greener with every season), I end up wearing an old pair of sneakers because they get so dirty! Maybe these clogs would allow me to be more supportive and helpful for Soccer Mom!
I love the plaid on the inside!

The frogs are remarkably adorable too!

I think these would make perfect Mother’s Day gifts if you have a mom or grandmother that likes to garden.
Even though I have a “thing” about being/getting dirty, I do put the crazy aside when I’m helping my mom garden.
That’s a worm.

This is Soccer Mom’s garden… it used to be a random mess full of weeds and abandoned plants, but Soccer Mom took control and now it’s a cute garden.
The best part is that we get caterpillars and can watch the butterflies hatch!
Note: these are actual pictures I took from the garden!
A real frog!

Soccer Mom is obsessed with these guys.

Because it is AWESOME is it to watch them emerge from the cocoon!

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Haha at first I didn't think the shoes had actual plastic frogs on them. Then I scrolled down and saw that the rest of the pairs had them too! So crazy, but cute!