The New Headband

Oh boy.  I really do love headbands.  But I have a slight problem with collecting them.  (And J. Crew is the worst worst worst for putting them right by the cash registers!  They’re my version of buying chewing gum while in line at the grocery store.)
Now, the real problem occurs when I wear headbands.  To start, I get a horrible headache every time I wear them, no matter what style.
And now that I have new glasses that I actually wear the majority of the time:
I can’t even really wear headbands at all, headaches or not.
I think my new headband is going to be little hair clips.  I mean, there are just days when my hair is not cooperating and needs something to tame it!!!  (Anyone else here have bad hair days???  I can’t be the only one!)
I saw this on Pinterest (it didn’t have a source, so if you know where it comes from let me know and I’ll link it up!), and I think it’s brilliant.  I have way too many nail polishes and I could paint bobby pins for every single different type of outfit!
J. Crew crewcuts is also a perfect place to find cute little clips.  Always wanted to fit into crewcuts but aren’t quite short enough?  Now’s your chance!
Are you a headband girl?  Do you use bobby pins or barrettes?

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I went through this headband phase as well. I stopped precisely for the same reason – I used to get terrible headaches. Now it's all about pins. But I only use black or brown ones so you can't see them. All about minimalism.


I definitely stick to headbands. I think colored bobby pins and clips can look childish sometimes, but I do like those glitter ones.

xx Emily @


I wore a headband literally every single day from grades 1 – 8. It became kind of a joke among our class, but it was my signature accessory! Once I got to high school, I diversified a little haha. I still have a lot of headbands-the ones that don't hurt are definitely the best!


Wow, that Kate Spade hair clip is gorgeous! I like headbands a lot, but I don't happen to wear them every single day – especially since it's easier to wear headbands with straight hair than my natural curls.


Of course I have bad hair days-far too many!! But I've been using the macademia deep hair repair masque which had made me spend more time on my hair, resulting in less bad hair days-yay! LOVE the nailpolish bobby pins idea-too cute!

katie lake

I have a stack of headbands from J.Crew as well. I accumulated them while in college but never wear them anymore for the headaches either. I picked up some cute little bobbie pins the other day at claire's with a flare for only $2.75! I just bought a new pack of plain bobbie pins and now you have me wanting to paint them all!


I used to be a headband girl, but stopped for the same reason: they hurt so much after a few hours, and give me a horrible headache. Now I use barrettes and pull my hair half back. I like this for another reason too – headbands create a bump in your hairline whereas most barrettes do minimal damage.

One hint for headbands: buy the SUPER cheap ones at the drugstore that are plastic and really flimsy. They are super flexible and are never strong enough to cause a headache. I use them all the time if I wake up late and don't have time to do my hair – I throw my hair in a messy bun and pop in a headband to add something. Works perfectly!