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So you totally dropped the ball and have put of Christmas shopping until the last minute.
(Don’t feel bad, it happens to the best of us!)
The best news is that shopping in 2011 has never been easier or quicker… and the options are totally fun.  And I can honestly say that if anyone got me any of these things, I would be one happy camper.  And the best part?  The giving doesn’t end after just one short present-filled day… it goes on and on!
California Funk and I gave each other Pandora One music subscriptions for a whole year.  I use Pandora all the time.  It’s constantly on when I’m in my room, whether I’m studying, straightening my hair, or folding laundry.  Constant!  Pandora One has better quality music than regular pandora and no commercials!!!  This is the perfect gift for a student or really any music guru.
Netflix!  I do not watch a lot of television because I don’t have time, but whenever I get terrible bouts of insomnia (it comes and goes) I watch the strangest documentaries on here.  (Oh, and every episode of Mad Men slash Friday Night Lights…..)  You can choose different number of months to give, but this is basically an amazing present for, well, anyone.
I don’t use Birchbox… it’s not something that I would necessarily buy for myself.  However, I’d totally love to receive it as a gift!  Maybe one of your friends hasn’t quite been able to “pull the trigger” on purchasing the beauty boxes and you can do it for her!
Magazine subscriptions can be bought online, too.  The best part about going this route is that it’s pretty customizable.  Your friend is getting married in a year? Bridal magazine!  Your sister is in high school?  Teen Vogue!  Your cousins are eight years old?  Highlights!  Your boyfriend’s mother loves to scrapbook? Martha Stewart Living!  (Really, you could check everyone off on your list!)
What other ideas do you have for quick and simple (but perfect, long-lasting) gifts?

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These would all also make good stocking stuffers if you wanted to give a little more, especially the magazine subscriptions. Thanks for the ideas!


emily rose

there are some great magazine subscription deals on amazon right now including Town and Country for only $5! I purchased this for a few friends 🙂

Anna H

I've been eyeing the Birchboxes for a while but haven't been able to pull the trigger. You're totally right – that would make a wonderful gift!