Perfect Layers

I am loving the plaid shirt + sweater + pearls look right now.  It’s so easy and simple.  Basically, take a plaid shirt. (I prefer a shirt shirt and not a flannel when layering with sweaters.)  Add a sweater on top.  Roll the cuffs of the shirt over the sweater.  Throw on varying lengths of pearls.
I have to put aside my OCD differences when I put together these outfits.  I really can’t stand when clothes feel “bunched” up at all… and I may or may not spend about ten minutes just tugging and adjusting the shirt so I can feel 10% more comfortable.
J. Crew is crushing it with their plaids this season.  It’s actually quite an issue for me because I can’t not pop into the store if I just so happen to be going down M St.  Right?  I mean, hello, super tempting!!!  I could never win 😉
I just got this one last week.  It’s a little big, so if you order one you may have to go down a size, or bring to a tailor.

I loved the plaid, but it’s “suckered” so it kinda looks wrinkled.  If you can get passed the wrinkled look, I say to go with this one!!!

Oh… this one looks too fabulous with tons of pearls.  Everyone in J. Crew had it on, but they didn’t have my size and I was more than a little disappointed!
I love the v-neck of this cable knit.  It will be perfect to show the collar and some pop of plaid with the pearls.

This sweater is most definitely a splurge, but it’s gorgeous.

And you just can’t go wrong with the trusty Jackie Cardigan.  For this one, instead of rolling the cuff of the sleeve once, you may have to roll it a few times until it’s situated well on the shorter sweater sleeve length!
Have you tried this layering yet?

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The English Preppy

This is a great look – for years I have been pining for a UK store and finally they opened one in London. I shall be making a 'pilgrimage' this spring! I will pass on the crumbled one…


I've never thought to layer using plaid – usually I just go for a classic solid colour. Thanks for the inspiration Carly!


emily rose

The bunching up makes me crazy too! I've been liking the H&M plaid flannels from winter; they're very thin and work well under a sweater.


I might have to try this formula out sometime! And I was totally obsessing about how my shirt was being annoyingly bunchy under my sweater today, haha.