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I think that one of the best parts about being an adult is not having to ask permission to do things. I remember being in eighth grade and begging my dad for an iPod mini. And then in ninth grade, all I wanted was a cell phone. Every two years, it seemed like an uphill battle to get the latest and greatest technology… but I was always behind. Like when I got an LG slider phone and then a month later the Razr was the best thing. Or when I got a Motorola Q and got to college and everyone had Blackberries. And then I finally had that prized Blackberry and everyone was switching to the iPhone. Totally not the biggest deal a girl can go through, but it kind of became a running joke.
Well I knew that I was eligible for an upgrade and I went out and bought the iPhone 5s. A little bit on a whim, but… hey! just a perk of being an adult, right? My battery on my phone needed to be charged three times a day, so I’m relieved to have at least a little bit better battery life. At least that’s how I’m justifying the kinda/sorta impulse buy.
Oh, tonight, I’m a happy girl.
I got the Kate Spade “Literary Glasses” case… and I’m in love already!
More favorite Kate Spade things in my favorite print:

What’s your favorite cell phone case?
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So long as my phone case is pink, I'm happy! At the minute it's pale pink, with sparkles against a white iPhone, never fails to make me smile 🙂
I know the feeling about keeping up with the upgrades – as soon as I got a Blackberry they went downhill I'm sure!
Charlotte x
La Vie en Gâteaux


I was always behind when it came to phones so I tried to convince myself that iPhones weren't really that great. Then when I got one I couldn't imagine life without it!

Brittany Tempest

I was always behind too…I just got my first iPhone in June! But Saturday I ordered the Kate Spade case that says "I love a martini, but two at the most. Three I'm under the table, Four I'm under the host" -Dorothy Parker so that's definitely my favorite case!


I had a Blackberry FOREVER and switched to an iPhone this last summer. I'll never go back. I'm in love with the designs and texture of J.Crew's phone cases but I love love love Kate Spade's as well.


I finally switched to an iphone last summer! Then accidentally ruined it with a liquid. Keep it away from ANY and ALL liquids.


I am ALWAYS behind on the phone trend. I still have a blackberry. Haha. I am crossing my fingers for an iphone for Christmas!


I wish Kate Spade still made cases for the iPhone 4s. I love that glasses print!



I love the phone case! I can totally relate to always being the last person when it comes to technology (I may have been the absolute last person on the planet to get texting, and had to use going abroad as justification for a smart phone).


i bought the planner in the literary glasses print and i am obsessed. i want the scarf too! i must upgrade my iphone so i can get this case!!