New Job

So I never meant for my new job to be some sort of big secret. I didn’t want to mention anything until everything was final. (And, like when I applied for college, it’s much better to not tell people where you’re applying.) The longer I didn’t say where I was working though, the harder it was for me just to spill the beans! I decided to wait until my first day, which just so happened to be this morning.
If you follow me on Twitter or “Like” The College Prepster on Facebook (or are friends with me on Facebook), you already saw the announcement.
I am the newest employee of The Levo League.
(I’ve written about them in the past and I am just over the moon thrilled to be working with the most amazing team ever.)
I feel so honored to be among seriously some of the smartest and dedicated women I’ve ever met. I spent a few days in the city working in the office with everyone back in the beginning of July just to test the waters before leaping in. I seriously had no idea what to expect. I really thought that I was going to feel uncomfortable, and awkward, and… well, new. But the minute I stepped into the office on that early July morning, I felt like I really belonged. I was immediately thrown into meetings and brainstorm sessions and I was even running around town looking for a specific type of printer….
I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of Levo League on a bigger scale.
So fast forward a month (and some change). I’m living in NYC. I’m all moved into my apartment. And I just had my first official full day.
I can’t wait for the rest of the ride.
PS This is what I wore today:
Polka Dots | First Day of Work (Taken with Instagram)
Polo, Lacoste
Pants, c/o J. Crew (on sale now… order one size down)
Shoes, Steve Madden

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heather elizabeth

Congratulations! I was connected to a great job opportunity a few months ago through Levo League and I am a big fan. I can't wait to hear about NYC events, and I would love to get involved – and maybe meet you! I'm a fellow Upper East Sider 🙂

Southern Charm

So happy to see you go from those early college years to now this really incredible job!! Wishing you the best of lucky & many many adventures!! 🙂

Julia D.

Congratulations, that's amazing! I saw the announcement on Facebook and, to be honest, when I saw it I wondered why I never thought of it before. Hope you had a wonderful first day!